Archie League Award Winners


Alaskan Region

Bret Brown, Anchorage Center

Tom Eisenmayer, Anchorage Center

Mike Moravec, Anchorage Center

Central Region

Mark Goldstein, Wichita Tower

Eastern Region

Stephen Barringer, Atlantic City Tower/TRACON

John Bradley, Atlantic City Tower/TRACON

Adam Cohen, Atlantic City Tower/TRACON

Mark Franklin, Atlantic City Tower/TRACON

Peter Grebenschikoff, Atlantic City Tower/TRACON

Randy Trainor, Atlantic City Tower/TRACON

Great Lakes Region

Kevin Rojek, Chicago Midway Tower

New England Region

James Sawyer, Boston Tower

Kevin Winn, Boston Tower

Northwest Mountain Region

Randy Neu, Pueblo Tower/TRACON

Southern Region

Jesse Fisher, Miami Tower

Barry Thompson, Louisville Tower/TRACON

Southwest Region

Bill Buvens, Dallas-Fort Worth TRACON

Western Pacific Region

Pam Mitchell, Phoenix Tower

Erwin Tobey, Phoenix Tower

David Tomczak, Phoenix Tower

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