Award of Special Recognition

Pat Hart
Dallas-Fort Worth TRACON (D10)

The Archie League Medal of Safety Judges Panel, while selecting Borden Byrd's save as the best of the Southwest Region's five nominations, were so impressed with fellow D10 controller Pat Hart's work on February 7, 2006 in quickly separating two converging aircraft near Dallas Love Field that they have presented Hart with an award of special recognition.

A Citation 550 had departed DAL and was assigned an altitude of 5,000 feet.  At the same time, a PC12 was inbound to DAL, also at 5,000 feet.  Hart directed the Citation to climb to 8,000 feet on the same heading and continued about his work on his sector.  Soon after, he noticed the Citation had initiated an unauthorized turn to the left, placing it on a collision course with the inbound PC12.  Hart immediately issued a right turn and 180-degree heading to the Citation.  With just seconds to spare, the Citation pilot located the PC12 and was able to maintain separation.

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