Member in Need
Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eric Tandberg was the A Area NATCA Rep at Seattle ARTCC (ZSE) for about 16 years ago. Ever since then, Eric has been an integral part of the A Area, assisting in airspace issues, schedule design, training or just plain helping out.
A little over 18 months ago Eric went in for a routine physical and after many tests he was diagnosed with the early stages of a blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma.

This past March, Eric fractured eight vertebras in his lower back as a result of the cancer. Throughout this past summer, Eric was treated with an induction therapy chemo cocktail that only slightly subdued the Myeloma. In August, Eric began the Stem-Cell Transplant process which included many tests and a bone marrow biopsy. The Stem-Cell Transplant happened during the week of October 4, including a super dose of Melfolan (chemo), and the actual Stem Cells being given back to Eric on October 8, 2010. He has a long road of recovery ahead. 
“Eric is the most positive person that I have ever met,” shared ZSE Facility Representative Troy Harrison. “He is always the first person to raise his hand for anything or anyone in need.”
Now Eric needs the help of his NATCA brothers and sisters, as he has been approved for the VLTP.
Donations may be made online, via an FAA computer, at