This Week in NATCA/Labor History
Thursday, December 16, 2010


December 16, 1985 — Controllers meet administrator/NATCA name adopted: Howie Barte is invited to meet with FAA Administrator Donald Engen, along with four other controllers, to discuss the state of the ATC system and controller morale. This gathering is a direct result of the ABC “Nightline” program the previous month.

    Meeting at MEBA headquarters, Barte and John Thornton agree to change the name of the proposed union to NATCA, which had been used by Washington Center controllers during their organizing effort in 1983-84.

December 15, 1998 — Equipment modernization: DSR becomes operational at Seattle Center. After the equipment was installed in 1996, a 13-member NATCA “Tiger Team” determined that DSR was not deployable in its present configuration. Subsequently, the union and the FAA corrected a punch list of issues before allowing the system to go live.

December 1999 — Equipment modernization: The Early Display Configuration of STARS is installed in El Paso, Texas, for testing and evaluation. In January 2000, EDC is installed in Syracuse, N.Y.


1967: Meeting in its biennial convention, the AFL-CIO declares “unstinting support” for “measures the Administration might deem necessary to halt Communist aggression and secure a just and lasting peace” in Vietnam.

1967: The U.S. Age Discrimination Employment Act becomes law. It bars employment discrimination against anyone age 40 or older.

1995: Some 33,000 striking members of the Machinists end a 69-day walkout at Boeing after winning pay and benefit increases and protections against subcontracting some of their work overseas.