LR Corner
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NATCA Grievance Results in FAA Agreeing to Work ADS-C Issues With Local Rep

On January 7, 2011, NATCA received a favorable settlement of a national Article 7 grievance regarding ADS-C, a new program being tested at Oakland Center. The agency agreed to collaborate with NATCA at the local level and include the facility representative in all phases of the testing and development of ADS-C at Oakland Center. The agency also agreed to provide notice and opportunity to bargain to the union at the national level in the event the agency plans to implement ADS-C in other facilities.

Child Care Subsidy Issue Resolved

NATCA and FAA just reached agreement and signed a settlement related to the new child care subsidy language in the Red Book. In dispute was whether the individual grievant was entitled to the child care subsidy because the child resided with the grievant part time. However, the criteria for coverage are clear, and require payment any time that any one of the various criteria are satisfied. Ultimately, there was no dispute about full coverage or retroactivity, so FAA agreed to pay the subsidy in full (which totaled several thousand dollars in past child care expense). The agency will provide the retroactive payment shortly.