A Member's Selfless Act to Help a Loved One
Thursday, April 14, 2011


After many months of undergoing health tests in 2007, the sister of Las Vegas TRACON (L30) member Sara George discovered she had Advanced IGA Nephropathy. Molly (Sara's sister) has since spent four years courageously fighting this kidney disorder, but is now at total kidney failure.

At the beginning of May, Sara will selflessly donate a kidney to her sister. Though Sara is not going on the leave donation program, she is trying to raise money to help her family with the medical costs. Not only is Molly going to be out of work for two months following the surgery, but she is the bread winner for her family with children to care for. She also has no source of disability available to her due to her position of self-employment.

Now comes the opportunity for those who have asked along the way how they too can help. Anyone willing to donate to this inspiring cause go to http://www.giveforward.com/mollyvincent. Here, you will also find a brief history of Molly's situation.

We thank you in advance for any contributions you are able to provide to help this family reach its goal!