RVA Members Support Contract Ratification
Friday, May 20, 2011

On Tuesday, May 17, it was determined by a counting of all valid ballots received that the NATCA RVA members support ratification of the 2011 NATCA/RVA Agreement.

In total, 71 ballots out of the 132 originally mailed were returned (54 percent return rate) to NATCA National. All 71 returned ballots were from current members in good standing and were deemed valid for counting. Of these returned ballots, 62 NATCA members supported ratification of the 2011 NATCA/RVA Agreement by voting "YES," meaning that 87 percent of the valid returned ballots supported ratification. Nine NATCA members (13 percent of the valid returned ballots) did not support ratification of the agreement.

On Friday, May 20, the signing ceremony was held at the NATCA National Office, putting into effect this ratified bargaining agreement. We thank NATCA Team Lead Bob Taylor, Ike Dye (MLB), Ed Mears (GTU) and NATCA Attorney Brian Sherry for their hard work on the negotiations.


Above, left to right: Contract team members Bob Taylor, Brian Sherry and Ed Mears
stand with President Paul Rinaldi at the contract signing. (Ike Dye not pictured)