Military Service Retirement Information
Thursday, May 10, 2012

National Guard and Reservist NATCA Brothers and Sisters:

A military deposit is required for any active duty service performed while on LWOP-US in order to receive credit towards one's retirement SCD. The information provided to us by facility administrative personnel regarding not needing to make a deposit while on LWOP-US is true in regards to the impact on one's leave SCD, but is not accurate when it pertains to one's retirement SCD. A military service deposit needs to be made to get credit for one's retirement SCD.

Computing the correct amount of the military service deposit can be tricky in some cases and it is imperative that any employee wishing to make a military service deposit for active duty performed while on LWOP-US needs to contact the Benefits Operations Center in Kansas City so a Benefits Specialist can assist them with the process to ensure it is done correctly.   

The administrative personnel at our facilities, in most cases, are not HR employees and the Benefits Operations Center are your "go-to" team for all of your benefits needs - including military service deposits.

NATCA POC: Marc Schneider, ZID NATCA

HR POC: Jim Walker, HR Assistant ACE-12JW
Benefits Operations Center
901 Locust Street, Room 117
Kansas City, MO  64106
O: 816-329-2664
F:  816-329-2476.