Members Offer a Helping Hand on the Hill
Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Below is an email from a woman whom ZAU State Legislative Rep Toby Hauck and fellow Illinois members stopped to help last Tuesday at NATCA in Washington --another great story about our members representing us well and going the extra mile to lend a helping hand!




Met you on Tues night, 5/24 in Wash, DC. You helped me to wheel my 96 yo mother, Marie, from the Rayburn Bldg. to the street. You and your two cohorts had another appt., but you all joyously engaged  Mom and me and stayed with us for over 30 min. until my twin sister, Audrey drove up. I value and am so appreciative of these random acts of kindness. I was with the women's caucus group for Congressman Edolphus Towns, of the 10th Dist from Brooklyn, N.Y. for his portrait unveiling. I mentioned your name to him the next day and made a photocopy of your business card. I wrote him a note asking him to lend support to your plight. I also asked him to have a staff person to call you to hear your concerns. Did I over-step my bounds? Please write him and indicate your concerns. Don't all the congressional people fly? Towns' office is room 2232 in the Rayburn Bldg. to the att. of Ms. Leslie Boucree. Thank you and your two (2) kind associates for being angels in the midst in that moment in time. Many blessings to you (all) in your endeavors.

Journey in jubilance! Thank you once again.

Sincerely, Gerry Baker
(Twins and Mom)