LR Corner
Monday, June 13, 2011

NATCA Files ULPs to Secure CIC Pay in Accordance with the 2009 Contract

NATCA recently filed two ULP charges with the FLRA concerning the agency’s failure to comply with settlement agreements to pay Controller-In-Charge (“CIC”) differential properly in accordance with the 2009 CBA. In October 2009, NATCA filed a national Article 7 grievance asserting that the aAgency violated the contract by issuing guidance stating that the CIC would not be paid CIC differential if the second controller went on break, and instructing the CIC to sign on and off of CIC duty when the second controller went on break. In April 2010, the FAA at the national level withdrew the erroneous guidance and agreed in writing that the CIC should be paid the differential the entire time that at least one additional controller is on duty. 

Following this agreement regarding the correct interpretation of CIC pay at the national level, NATCA settled two grievances in Binghamton (BGM) and Clarksburg (CKB) where the agency had refused to pay CIC correctly. The agency agreed in resolving both local grievances to comply with the national Article 7 grievance settlement, stating that the CIC should receive CIC pay the entire time that at least one additional controller is on duty. Subsequently, the local management refused to pay CIC pay unless a third controller is signed in on duty. The union attempted to resolve the issue at the national level prior to filing the ULP charges to no avail.  At this time the FLRA Chicago Regional Office is investigating the ULP charges.