NATCA Sponsorship of Nationals Increases Visibility, Image of Members
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NATCA's paid advertising inside the Beltway of Washington, D.C., continues to catch a lot of attention and stir important and influential discussion. Our long-running relationship with the local Washington ESPN radio station and Redskins Radio Network has meant a steady stream of 30 and 60-second ads that run daily and weekends and have received a lot of attention and positive feedback.
We also began this baseball season with a new sponsorship agreement with the Washington Nationals. NATCA ads run both during the radio broadcasts of games and also inside the stadium during home games at Nationals Park. For example, a game last week against Seattle featured NATCA ads running continuously during the late innings on the right-field scoreboard and also on the circular electronic banners that go around the middle portion of the stadium (see photos below).

While our increased PR efforts to actively promote our members' great work and professional image target the flying public as our main audience on a national scale, we are also actively seeking to increase our visibility with the influential audiences in Washington, D.C., and these sponsorship agreements are paying big dividends.


 Above/Below: Nats Park in Washington, D.C., sports NATCA message.