Labor Day is Approaching!
Thursday, September 01, 2011

This coming Monday working men and women across the country will celebrate Labor Day, a holiday that honors those individuals who play a role in America’s social and economic contributions. 

NATCA Involvement

Each year, NATCA's brothers and sisters, alongside fellow members of our AFL-CIO family, join in marches, rallies and parades as part of this national tribute to labor. This year is no different as our NATCA members prepare to fill their city streets in celebration.

One of these celebrations, the Indianapolis Labor Day Parade/Solidarity March, remains one of the largest participation events for our union. On Saturday, NATCA ZID Local, which will be joined by NATCA President Paul Rinaldi and EVP Trish Gilbert, will participate for its sixth straight year as part of this annual parade, greeting downtown visitors with cardboard airplanes and candy. This year will definitely be a sight to see as the NATCA float features an airplane and helicopter, as well as an air traffic control tower. Paul and Trish will follow up these festivities by traveling to Boston Monday for the Labor Day Parade in Milford, N.H.

Is your local participating in a parade, picnic or other festivity this Labor Day? If so, then we want to hear from you! Make sure to send any pictures and details of your event to, and you may be featured in an upcoming NATCA Insider issue.

In addition to our union's participation in celebration events nationwide, NATCA has also created a new radio spot, which will run on ESPN980 in Washington, D.C., to mark Labor Day by saluting our members and brothers and sisters in the House of Labor.

    Click here to listen: 09-01-11 NATCA_Nick_Labor Day.mp3

Find an Event in Your Area

If you aren’t sure of Labor Day events occurring in your town this weekend, you may click here to search the AFL-CIO site for any planned happenings in your area.

AFL-CIO Invites You to…

Check out this great video honoring working men and women and the important role they play. This video, highlighting the significance of the Labor Day holiday, may be found here:

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Participate in Union Label Week! Don’t forget that next week (starting Sept. 5) is Union Label Week 2011! Make sure you celebrate the skills of your fellow union workers and honor the work they do by looking for union-made goods and services when you shop! 

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