Benefits Committee Update: Info. on retirement and financial planning, much more
Friday, October 14, 2011

The NATCA Benefits Committee met this week at the National Office for its fall meeting. The committee received briefings from several of the NATCA benefit partners concerning the progress of the benefits in NATCA’s portfolio.

One item that was discussed was the importance to educate the membership on the differences between S. Harman and Associates, Cambridge Financial Partners and Southern Insurance Group.  The committee stressed that while there is overlap between some of the services that each of these programs provide, they are each part of NATCA’s programs to perform specific functions. 

  • S. Harman and Associates are solely there to educate our membership on the federal retirement system, what choices our members can make and how those choices at retirement will affect them and their families.
  • Cambridge Financial Partners are providing total overall financial planning to our members.  Through seminars, workshops and one on one consultations, CFP will be educating and assisting our membership in understanding their current financial picture and providing them with advice on strategies they can implement to enhance their financial overview.
  • Southern Insurance Group (Danny Brooks/George Regetiko) provides our members with an alternative to the FEGLI insurance as well as consultation on TSP maximization, UNUM Long Term Disability insurance and much more. SIG is able to reach out to our members to save them money and educate them on the inadequacies of the FEGLI insurance offered by the government.

The committee is going to be reaching out to our membership through several vehicles to gain feedback and educate our membership on these programs as well as the host of other benefits that members receive as part of being in NATCA.

For information, questions, feedback or concerns, please contact Benefits Committee Chairman John Bratcher at

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