Workforce Engagement Survey Beginning in March
Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Workforce Engagement (WE) survey, a collaborative effort between NATCA and the FAA, will be available for members to complete in person or online starting March 12. In addition, for those attending the convention in Denver, members can complete the survey at an on-site booth.

NATCA is just one of the many unions involved in WE, but the support of its members is crucial to the program’s success.
NATCA President Paul Rinaldi and NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert have gone to great lengths to show how committed the union is to this effort, now entering its second year. Trish wrote that it is a unique opportunity for unions and management to come together.
“How often do the leaders of the FAA, NATCA, PASS, etc. all agree on the same set of programs to improve the agency?” Gilbert asked. “We must seize this opportunity to modernize the culture of the FAA’s workplace, and not only its equipment and technical procedures.”
Gallup, a world-renowned polling company that will frequently appear in the news over the next year for their election polling, administers the WE survey. Jerry Johnston (PHX), who has been the NATCA lead in promoting, developing and implementing Workforce Engagement, said Gallup’s backing is a sign NATCA members can trust this survey.

“If we want to make a difference then we must participate,” Johnston said. “If we do nothing, then we know where we are. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and saying it won’t work, we need to be there helping the FAA try to help themselves.”
Johnston said while WE’s initial rollout last year was not as successful as they had hoped, this year can make up for lost time.
The survey will consist of 15 questions identical to those in the questionnaire last year, plus three additional questions Gallup added to make sure the program is being administered properly. NATCA is firmly behind this program, and the union leadership knows that in order for the FAA to improve its workplace culture, it is the members’ responsibility to step up and say what is working and what isn’t. That is what this survey intends to do.
Members can expect the first emails about WE to begin showing up in their inboxes in early March, and starting on the 12th, they will be able to complete the form at their leisure.