Open Enrollment Season for Long Term Disability Plan
Thursday, March 08, 2012

Open enrollment season continues for the NATCA/UNUM Long Term Disability plan through April 30th.

You work hard day in and day out to earn your income. Doesn’t it make sense to protect that income? The NATCA/UNUM LTD plan provides participants up to 50 percent of their income for up to five years. This plan has paid over $7.5 million dollars to NATCA members when they needed it most.

Because you pay your premiums with after-tax dollars, any benefits you receive under this plan can be tax-free under current laws. This means, you can receive 50 percent of your gross earnings tax-free!

NATCA and its members own this plan. With increased participation we will be able to secure the stability of this plan for many years and ensure that our members are protected throughout their careers.

Can you survive financially if you lose your medical? Read a fellow member's story:

"This is the question you need to ask yourself before you blindly dismiss this opportunity. If you think, ‘It can never happen to me.' It can. I am proof of that.

"When I chose to sign up for NATCA's long term disability insurance through Unum, my only worries were with, maybe not passing my hearing or vision tests on my yearly physical.

“I only had about eight years till retirement, and was in pretty good health overall. That was 2006. Little did I know that less than five years later, my back would have completely failed, my medical pulled, and I would be facing the possibility of back surgery.

"I've been collecting "a check" since early 2011. Without this insurance, I would have lost everything my 21 years in the FAA had provided.

"The small premium, mine was $37 a pay period, goes a long way towards the peace of mind knowing that your family will be alright.

"I pray you never need it. But what if you do? In hindsight, this was the smartest (and easiest) decision I could have made."

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