ZDV Video Shows Members' Love of NATCA
Thursday, May 03, 2012

This week's we're featuring Denver Center's (ZDV) NATCA Reloaded "Quick Flicks" contest video that showed why they love NATCA.

As a freelance photojournalist as well as a ZDV air traffic controller, Gino Siller took this Reloaded opportunity to create something that showed what air traffic controllers really do on a daily basis.

"The theme was 'Solidarity,'" said Siller. "I thought about what was really important and I wanted to show a bit of a glimpse of what we do everyday. I wanted to make our image shine."

Siller said he came up with a script of questions, and some were able to express their passion for the union on camera while others were at a loss of words, but regardless "it was a good opportunity to break up the day and talk about the job and what really motivates us."

"It was a team effort from everybody that participated," said Siller. "And everyone really wanted to help out. Even management was cooperative with letting us film in the facility."

To view ZDV's NATCA Reloaded "Quick Flicks" video, click here.