CFS 2012 Bikes Donated to Local Nonprofit,The Bicycle Man
Thursday, June 07, 2012

The NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) has had a great fundraising year. They held their biggest Communicating for Safety (CFS) fundraising event to date at this year’s conference, bringing in over $12,000, $4,000 more than last year. One event that helped reach that milestone was the Build-a-Bike contest where eight teams assembled and decorated children’s bicycles and then raced those bikes around a room full of NATCA members. You may be wondering where those bicycles went afterwards.

NATCA Associate Member and NCF Vice President Robin Hill and Fayetteville ATCT (FAY) air traffic controller and NCF Board of Directors member Bob Hill have been heavily involved with NCF since NATCA in Washington in 2007. Most recently, on behalf of NCF, Robin and Bob donated eight CFS bikes and $3,000 to a local Fayetteville, N.C. charity known as the Bicycle Man.

Moses Mathis, Bob Hill, Robin Hill and Ann Mathis

The Bicycle Man, named after and founded by Moses Mathis, is a charity that donates bicycles to financially needy kids 15 years of age and younger each Christmas in support of the nation’s efforts to decrease childhood obesity. But they are not just given away; kids earn bikes by helping Mathis build them. Each year, the charity donates at least 1,000 bikes, and it has given approximately 12,000 since 1991.

“He was very appreciative of our donation,” said Bob. “I believe they have a pretty tight budget, so I think our donation was a significant contribution.”

Bob said the Bicycle Man is a very well respected nonprofit in Fayetteville. He said every year Mathis has moved to a new location because someone donates a building or warehouse for him to use as a workspace rent-free.

Robin, who works as a full-time social worker and also voluntarily supports the Mayor of Fayetteville as an Alderwoman, said Mathis is a retired veteran and she wanted to support the Bicycle Man because he does this on his own time and money.

“I think for somebody that takes so much time out of their lives to do this should be supported by NCF and the like,” said Robin. “And even though he is now disabled, he continues to help children build bikes. I think that speaks volumes.”

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