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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alaskan Region ATC v. Pilots Reloaded

The Alaskan Region held its first, and hopefully not last, ATC v. Pilots softball game and BBQ. Nearly 60 people attended the Reloaded event to watch the Alaskan controllers compete against pilots from areas of Hageland, ACE Air, Spernak Airways and ERA Alaska, including pilots from the TV program Flying Wild Alaska. Early in the game, controllers were losing 11-5, but it ended with controllers coming out on top, barely winning the game 15-14.

Newly elected Alaskan RVP Stephen Munroe said, "Pilot John Ponts jokingly expressed, 'we did not want to spend extra time in the holding patterns because we beat the controllers in a softball game.'"

Alaskan Region Reloaded Representative Vernell Lambert gave a presentation on the importance of these events.

"Everyone had fun, the weather was fantastic and we hope to do it again before the long winter sets in," Lambert said.

Champaign Tower (CMI) Solidarity Event

Eleven NATCA members attended CMI's Solidarity event this week. The event was hosted at the popular restaurant and brew works, Destihl, in downtown Champaign, Ill. Chicago Center (ZAU) Facility Representative Toby Hauck and Great Lakes Region Legislative Representative Mike Hanlon came and offered their insight. CMI's Legislative Representative Brian Schemelzel was also a driving force in making the event possible.

Archie League Awards Display Gets a Makeover


Work was finished this week to update our Archie League Medal of Safety Award display in the lobby of the NATCA National Office in Washington, D.C. The wood base is now adorned with the names of each of the winners of the President's Award (best overall winner from each year's group of regional winners). Nominations are currently being accepted for this year's award program, which covers all outstanding flight assist events that occurred since Dec. 18, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2012. Please click HERE for more information.

OSHA Committee Meets at National Office

Pictured from left to right: OSHA Committee members Karena Marinas (ZLA) and Andy Lewis (ROC), EOSH (Environmental & Occupational Safety & Health) workgroup member Shannon Byrnes (Region X ) and John Hudy (FAA headquarters).

The OSHA Committee was at the National Office all week for a series of important meetings. The group split up into two parts to work on separate matters; the first dealt with indoor air quality issues, while the second worked on communication issues, including the process for joint notification of an event to the fac reps and facility OSHECCOM (Occupational Safety and Health Environment Compliance Committee).