Thursday, August 30, 2012

Many positive developments resulted from the NATCA Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Committee meeting earlier this month. One of the most important was that the NATCA committee members and their FAA counterparts renewed focus on the importance of establishing an Occupational Safety & Health Environment Compliance Committee (OSHECCOM) in each facility.

An OSHECCOM is the place to discuss safety issues in FAA buildings. OSHA Committee member Karena Marinas (Los Angeles Center) represents the Western Pacific Region and wants members to know that if a facility does not already have an OSHECCOM in place, the NATCA facility representative should go to the facility manager and ask to establish one.

“The goal is to push issues down to the local level to fix them,” said Marinas, echoing the goal of the collaborative process as well. “Once these OSHECCOMs are up and functioning, our members can go to that committee and say, ‘I need help,’ and they can get it. It’s another avenue to collaborate and work issues.”

Marinas said the OSHA Committee also stands ready to assist the members of each region.

“I let facreps from my region know that I’m available,” she said. “Small facilities probably don’t have a local OSHECCOM, so I want to get them to call me and let me help them.”

Any occupational safety and health issue that comes up, from mold to asbestos to indoor air quality to water quality, should be brought to the attention of the local OSHECCOM or to the regional OSHA committee. “Your OSHECCOM and your regional OSHA Committee reps will work to make sure they are resolved,” Marinas said.

For a full listing of each OSHA Committee member, with their contact information, please click HERE.