ZTL Member Helps Local Atlanta Shelter
Thursday, September 06, 2012

There are some things in life that many take for granted, and the Atlanta-North Ga. Labor Council Community Services Committee recognized just that when the local nonprofit, Crossroads, asked them to donate something the organization lacks — underwear.

Atlanta Center member and NATCA North Ga. Labor Council Delegate Amy Brunelle serves as a member on the Committee. She said that the Committee members meet every month to discuss new community outreach projects in which the group might participate. Sometimes there is a new project every month, while other times projects may carry over.

During the month of August, the Committee decided to do an underwear drive after NFL Players Association member and former Falcons and Green Bay Packers player, Dewey McClain, talked with Crossroads about their needs. The Atlanta-North Ga. Labor Council Community Services Committee members all pitched in some way or another, and Brunelle not only asked for donations from NATCA locals, but also from the NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF), which donated $500 to the cause.

"I went to a local factory outlet and found everything I needed at a much better bulk cost," said Brunelle. "We also got a lot of donations from locals, so we had a pretty good amount of underwear in the end, although I have no idea of the exact number."

Brunelle said this underwear drive was the most successful community outreach project they've had in at least two years, perhaps even longer than that. In total, the Committee raised almost 700 packages of undergarments, which included underwear, socks and undershirts.

"I think one of the most rewarding things was being involved in this incredibly amazing shelter, Crossroads," said Brunelle. "Since I'm new to the Atlanta area, I wasn't yet involved with Crossroads before, but now that I've worked with them, I'll definitely help out more often."
Brunelle said the Committee's next community outreach project is sponsoring a classroom, and they will provide books and school supplies.