Prestigious EAP Award To Honor NATCA-FAA Collaboration
Thursday, September 13, 2012

The NATCA Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team and the FAA Employee Assistance Program (EAP) have won the Ross Von Wiegand Award.  

The award, which will be presented at the world EAPA (Employee Assistance Professionals Association) conference in Baltimore on Oct. 20, honors a labor/management EAP that exemplifies exceptional cooperation and working relationship between labor and management.

“This is a huge honor for us,” said Tom Morin, NATCA’s CISM Team Lead, who stressed the value of collaboration in the important CISM-EAP efforts. “The collaboration efforts with the agency help us get the right kind of help to our people faster. Not to mention that the agency trusts what we do and rarely questions our judgments.”

The award was presented based on the programs meeting the following criteria:

1. Program reports to high-level union and management officials.
2. Support of staff involvement in local and international EAPA professional activities.
3. Continuance of the program during major disruptions including strikes, mergers, downsizings or other economic difficulties.

NATCA President Paul Rinaldi praised the CISM Team and the great success of its collaboration with the FAA EAP.

“This award is very richly deserved and reflects the outstanding commitment and professionalism of our members who serve their fellow brothers and sisters in the CISM program,” Rinaldi said. “Our CISM Team is very fortunate to have a solid relationship with all levels of management in the FAA.”

After nearly two full decades, the value of CISM has become ingrained in the culture of the air traffic control profession. And, as Morin has stated recently to the membership, “for a profession and culture as unique as air traffic control, there is nothing more powerful or effective than peer-to-peer support when that support is needed.”

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, the birthplace of Employee Assistance Programs (originally known as Occupational Alcoholism Programs), "very few people played a more critical role on behalf of NCADD in helping to make EAP a reality than Ross Von Wiegand, as a successor to Lewis Presnall at NCADD. Over the years, millions of lives and careers have been saved as a result!"

The NCADD issued this press release about NATCA receiving this award.

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