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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Meeting at National Office Brings Together Committee Representatives

Most of NATCA's committees were represented on Tuesday at the National Office during a special gathering for a day of meetings and discussion. It served as a briefing for new Alaskan Regional Vice President Steve Munroe.

Pictured from left to right: Election Committee Member Jacob James, Air Safety Investigation Committee Chairman Chad Sneve, Realignment Committee Chairman Mitch Herrick, Legislative Committee Chairman and Historical Committee Chairman Steve Weidner, NATCA Charitable Foundation President Elena Nash, Northwest Mountain Regional Vice President and Reloaded Committee Chairman Jim Ullmann, Alaskan Regional Vice President Steve Munroe, Retired NATCA Active Volunteers Committee Member Elaine Poe, Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, New England Regional Vice President and Information Technology Committee Chairman Mike Robicheau, Constitution Committee Chair Renae Hultgren, OWCP Committee Chairman Kevin Bianchi, Safety Committee Chairman Steve Hansen, OSHA Committee Chairman Michael Odryna, Benefits Committee Chairman and Organizing Committee Chairman John Bratcher, Finance Committee Chairman Brian Dowd.

Congressman Sessions Visits DFW, Meets with NATCA Members

NATCA Dallas-Fort Worth Tower (DFW) Legislative Coordinator Heather Gerbitz and Fort Worth Center members Corey Soignet and Bill Dewey worked to set up and handle a DFW facility tour Wednesday with Congressman Pete Sessions, R-Texas. DFW Facility Representative Tom Rizzardo and Alternate Southwest Regional Vice President Ric Loewen were also on hand. Rizzardo said the visit focused on the advantages of collaborative efforts to improve effectiveness and advancements in technology and NextGen, as well as the importance of staffing for the collaborative effort. Congressman Sessions visited the SIM lab (in the photo) and the West Tower at DFW.

Said Congressman Sessions: "I was delighted to meet with representatives from NATCA this afternoon and tour their control tower at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport."

Said Dewey: "Tom did an excellent job of articulating how the level of DFW tower's staffing is important in maintaining both the efficiency of Congressman Session's main airport and the level of successful collaboration. Heather did very well guiding the Congressman through the tower simulator and tower cab. I was very pleased with how the tour went and the Congressman made a point of saying that he will ensure we're invited to his next event."

"The tour could not have gone any better," Soignet said. "Bill as always did an excellent job. Tom did an outstanding job of explaining the success collaboration has brought.  Heather could not have done a better job with the tour and explaining the day to day operations."

Joining Rep. Pete Sessions (fourth from right) on Wednesday at DFW Tower were DFW Facility Representative Tom Rizzardo (far left), Southwest Region Legislative Chair Corey Soignet (ZFW, second from left), Southwest Region Legislative Committee Member Bill Dewey (ZFW, third from left) and DFW Tower Legislative Rep Heather Gerbitz. To Rep. Sessions's left are Jim Dunford, DFW Operations Manager, Tony Roetzel, CSA District Manager and Giovani Dipierro, DFW FLM.

NCF Board Members Annual Meeting

NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) Board members met for their annual meeting at the National Office in Washington, D.C. Although it was business as usual, NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert and NCF President Elena Nash were caught sharing smiles in one of the pictures captured below.

NCF President Elena Nash (left) and NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert

Pictured left to right: Darrell Meachum, Selma Golding-Forrester, Robin Hill and Bob Hill

Pictured left to right: Gilbert, Dawn Taylor and Betsy Beaumont

TOL Solidarity Event

On Jan. 25, 19 people came to a Toledo Express Tower (TOL) Toledo Walleye hockey game in solidarity.

"The Walleye lost, but we had a great time," said TOL Facility Representative Micah Maziar.

TOL Facility Representative Micah Maziar and Secretary Pamela Wright

Eight TOL members, two form, now serving at D21, and nine family members and friends

OKC Meet and Greet

NATCA President Paul Rinaldi spoke to air traffic control (ATC) students in Oklahoma City on Monday, Jan. 28. Nearly 50 students attended the dinner meet and greet.

Manager of Outreach and Special Events Kelly Richardson and ATC OKC students, about 20 students attended.