This Week's Photo Album
Thursday, February 14, 2013

Professional Standards Training in Charlotte

Garth Koleszar, NATCA's National Professional Standards Representative, leads a discussion last Tuesday, Feb. 12, during the first day of Professional Standards training in Charlotte. Andy Marosvari, who took this photo, helped conduct the training, the latest in a series of very successful training sessions around the country.

Air Traffic Controllers Represented at Career Fair

Over 1,100 Fayette County, Ga., eighth grade students were given the opportunity to explore the ATC profession on Friday, Feb. 8. Atlanta TRACON (A80) members Wayne Dombroski and Christine Pascua and A80 Front Line Manager Bridget Lewkowicz interacted with the attending kids.

Wayne Dombroski talking with students about air traffic control.

Christine Pascua shares a laugh with students.

EVPs are Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathoners!

Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert (right) joined former EVP Ruth Stilwell last Sunday, Feb. 10, for the second annual Rock 'n' Roll St. Petersburg (Fla.) half marathon. Proudly displaying their support for the NATCA Charitable Foundation, Gilbert and Stilwell joined 6,500 other runners for the event, which started at Tropicana Field and ended at North Shore Park.

Interest Based Communications Meeting

On Feb. 13, Interest Based Communications (IBC) team members - Miami Center (ZMA) Facility Representative Steve Wallace (right) and CGH Contractor Richard Seaman - met to revise the curriculum for the next level of IBC.

"The revised class will be presented to NATCA Area Representatives and Operations Managers at several facilities across the country beginning in April," said Wallace. "IBC is a communications model that provides a vehicle for collaborative partners to work together better."

RNAV Committee Meeting at National Office

Current and former members of the Retired NATCA Active Volunteers (RNAV) Committee met this week at the National Office. Pictured above (left to right): Craig Smith, Chuck Munoz, Frank Caldwell, Bill Otto, Bernie Reed, Elaine Poe, George Wiewiora. New RNAV Committee Member Kevin Sherwood was not able to attend. NATCA continues to offer a lifetime RNAV membership ($350) in addition to the option of annual dues of $35 for retired members.

Blizzard Brings in Feet of Snow

Although many, many facilities received record snowfall this past weekend, pictured here is Boston Center's (ZBW) white winter day. Photos courtesy of ZBW member Matt Murray.

NATCA Represented at World ATM Congress

Manager of Outreach and Special Events Kelly Richardson (not pictured) and NATCA NextGen Representative Mel Davis (speaking to attendees) represented NATCA this past week at the annual World ATM Congress conference held in Madrid, Spain.