This Week's Photo Album: TAMR Success Celebrated in Dallas
Friday, May 17, 2013

(From left to right) NATCA National TAMR Representative Mitch Herrick, NATCA National TAMR Phase 3 Segment 1 Representative Doug Peterson and NATCA President Paul Rinaldi.

The Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR) program celebrated a major accomplishment with an awards ceremony in Dallas on Tuesday, May 14. The transition of Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON and its associated towers to the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) represents the first successful transition of a large TRACON in the Agency's effort to reach a single automation system.  

The TAMR Program, represented by Jeff Yarnell and Deborah Young, recognized many employees from the Dallas area including NATCA's Doug Peterson and D10 Facility Representative Travis Young for their contributions to the effort.  

NATCA President Paul Rinaldi attended along with FAA Deputy Chief Operating Officer Teri Bristol and other Agency officials. Said Rinaldi: “Collaboration is the key to our success and the success of the FAA." TAMR achieved its first major milestone on time and within budget due to the efforts of NATCA members at D10 and a cooperative and engaged FAA management team.  

Peterson and others were presented with letters of commendation and a framed poster commemorating the Dallas transition. The artwork includes a picture of Texas and D10 airspace with a STARS keyboard and D10 video map in the background.  

The next facility in the TAMR program will be Northern California TRACON (NCT) which is already well into the install process and training development.

NATCA-Sponsored SAFEE Event A Big Success

(From left to right) Mike Vitti (ZMA), Steve Wallace (ZMA), Jim Marinitti (MIA), Chris Herbert (ZMA), Rick Martinez (MIA), Marcy Soto (ZMA), and Melvyn Figueroa.

NATCA's South Florida facilities participated in "Operation Safee Flight" on May 3-4 at Opa Locka Airport in Miami. The event is a production of the South Florida Aviation Fly-In and Educational Expo. NATCA is a proud sponsor of the event. The event website can be found here. Below, MIA Facility Representative Jim Marinitti addresses attendees.

New Secretary-Treasurer Training Course Debuts at National Office

Above: Members participate in this week's new Secretary-Treasurer training class at the National Office in Washington, D.C. Western Pacific Regional Vice President Ham Ghaffari led the rollout of the course. Instructors included Potomac TRACON Facility Representative Matt Sullivan (below).

Drug and Alcohol Training Class at National Office

Training Manager Carolyn Kamara (far left) and Labor Relations Technical Consultant Mike Hull (green shirt) stand with members at the National Office for last week's class.

NATCA Meet and Greet Event in Charleston, S.C.

(From left to right) Pauli Thomas, John Karafa, Southern Regional Vice President Victor Santore, Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, David Ellis, President Paul Rinaldi, Brett Garman and his wife.