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NATCA Adds New Bargaining Unit Members - (9/26/2000)

WASHINGTON – The National Air Traffic Controllers Association is continuing its successful organizing effort with the addition of 532 bargaining unit members. This brings to over 2,200 the number of Federal Aviation Administration employees the union has organized this year to join its founding core group of 15,000 air traffic control specialists.

The FAA’s aircraft certification division chose NATCA as their bargaining unit representative, with the union earning 75 percent of the vote. Coupled with two other NATCA victories on behalf of airports division personnel and occupational health service specialists, occupational health nurses and medical program assistants, the union has added 825 new bargaining unit members in the past month.

“We are very excited to add this bargaining unit to the house of labor,” NATCA President John Carr said. “These employees are critical to the national airspace system, and they are critical to the safety of the system. We look forward to joining forces with them to represent not only the best interests of the employees in the bargaining unit, but the flying public’s best interests, as well.”

Aircraft certification employees work in FAA regional offices nationwide. They are aerospace engineers, senior engineers, flight test pilots, administrative officers, aircraft certification assistants and technical support personnel. NATCA is especially interested in representing them because they provide important insight into safety-related FAA activities with respect to aircraft equipment and performance.

In August, NATCA won 65 percent of the vote by the airports division, which includes 263 bargaining unit members. These employees, who work in all FAA regions except the Eastern Region office, are responsible for the distribution of all airport improvement funds, coordination of airport design, oversight of land purchases and annual safety inspections. NATCA also won 90 percent of the vote to represent 30 bargaining unit members who are occupational health service specialists, occupational health nurses and medical program assistants. They are located in regional FAA offices and en route air traffic control centers.

“We’re very pleased and proud to welcome these new units,” Carr said. “Our organization’s strength is good news for the aviation community.”

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