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President, Aviation Groups Announce Delays Initiative - (10/3/2000)

WASHINGTON -The National Air Traffic Controllers Association along with the White House, Federal Aviation Administration and other airline industry groups announced their plan to alleviate potential flight delays related to severe weather conditions.

Inclement weather played a large part in the increase of flight delays passengers experienced last summer. In fact, 75 percent of all delays are caused by weather. The Spring 2000 Initiative is a preemptive strike to improve information and strategic planning so controllers and industry officials may exchange real-time information to keep weather-related delays to a minimum.

“This plan will help controllers adjust the routes of aircraft to rapidly changing weather conditions,” said NATCA President Mike McNally. “It will improve communication throughout the system including issuing alerts as airways are opened and closed due to changing weather conditions. The plan will also allow us to allocate staffing more effectively when traffic is rerouted.”

The Spring 2000 Initiative will officially swing into action March 12 and will be continually updated and evaluated to help curb weather-related flight delays over the typically volatile summer months.

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