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FAA Financial Services Division, Contract Towers Choose NATCA in Landslide Victories - (7/2/2000)

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Eighty percent of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Financial Services Division staff voted for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association to become their exclusive bargaining unit. This overwhelming victory shows that FAA employees can have a voice in determining their future.

The election, held on Jan. 27, 2000, brought out three-quarters of FAA professional and non-professional employees in the bargaining unit and is the first step in defending the rights of headquarters personnel. “We now have the privilege of representing these men and women who provide a valuable service to help make the FAA successful,” said Randy Schwitz, NATCA’s executive vice president. “Union protection is the only way to ensure these employees have a voice in providing for themselves and their families.”

In addition, the employees of two private air traffic control towers in Melbourne, Fla. and Capital City, Pa. voted overwhelmingly for NATCA representation in January. “It doesn’t matter if the bargaining unit has four members or 4,000,” Schwitz said. “With each organizing success, we’re confirming NATCA is the proven federal sector union that has the ability to successfully negotiate with the FAA.”

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