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NATCA Supports President Clinton's Position That Air Traffic Control is Inherently Governmental - (12/7/2000)

WASHINGTON - The National Air Traffic Controllers Association is in complete agreement with President Clinton’s assertion that increased efficiency in the nation’s aviation system can be achieved while ensuring safety by keeping air traffic control within the federal government.

Ensuring the safety of air travelers is NATCA’s mission. With its fundamental basis to keep air traffic control inherently governmental, the Clinton administration reinforces NATCA’s belief that safety must always come first.

“We support continuing efforts to proactively improve the nation’s air traffic control system from within the Federal Aviation Administration,” NATCA President John S. Carr said. “The U.S. airspace is a national treasure and demands thoughtful and prudent decisions. The administration believes the FAA has the latitude to achieve efficiencies needed in the air traffic control system without the shortsighted and ill-conceived notion of privatization.”
We look forward to working with the FAA administrator to maintain the safest air traffic control system in the world.”

NATCA firmly believes air traffic control is a service best provided from within the federal government because it is so integral to the safety of all of this nation’s citizens and to their economic welfare.

Privatization puts profits before safety, benefiting only the corporate machine. The result for everyone else would jeopardize safety and the standardization of the country’s complex airspace.

Air traffic control is an essential service provided by a team of nearly 15,000 government air traffic controllers, their supervisors and staffs whose bottom line is safety. Services provided in today’s air traffic control system have greatly benefited from the experience, talent and dedication of its controllers, whose skills are not readily available outside of the government controller workforce.The safety of the traveling public is not for sale. At NATCA, safety is our business and business is good.

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