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New Bargaining Units Overwhelmingly Choose NATCA for Representation - (4/20/2000)

WASHINGTON– More than 600 Federal Aviation Administration employees recently chose the National Air Traffic Controllers Association as their exclusive bargaining unit.

NATCA received a decisive 78 percent of the votes from the April 13 election representing regional personnel from the FAA’s logistics, budget, finance and computer specialist divisions. In total, approximately 520 employees are included in this bargaining unit. Another victory came on April 17, when 75 agency engineers located in Oklahoma City selected NATCA by 73 percent of the vote. These engineers will join more than 1,100 agency engineers already represented by NATCA.

"Organizing leaders from these FAA divisions came to NATCA more than nine months ago and have worked tirelessly to bring union protection to their co-workers," said Randy Schwitz, NATCA’s executive vice president. "It’s a long but rewarding process and we’re proud to be the FAA worker’s union of choice."

A remarkable percentage of FAA professional and non-professional employees in the bargaining unit turned out for the elections. In fact, more than 70 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots in the mail-in election.

These impressive numbers highlight the workers understanding that these elections are the first step in defending their rights. "Union protection is the only way to ensure these employees have a voice in providing for themselves and their families," said Schwitz. "With each organizing success, we’re confirming NATCA is the proven federal sector union that has the ability to successfully negotiate with the FAA."

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