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NATCA Endorsement of Belger - (1/10/2000)

WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Bill Clinton’s nomination of Monte Belger to the position of deputy administrator for the Federal Aviation Administration is strongly supported by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

"Having worked with Mr. Belger for many years, there is no question of his leadership skills and experience," said NATCA President Michael McNally. "He represents much needed balance during these times of needed change. Controllers and engineers believe he will serve the aviation community - and public - well."

Belger’s nomination comes after more than two decades’ experience managing a diversity of FAA programs. "He has gained respect, nationwide, for his abilities to guide complex projects through a myriad of challenges, not the least being servicing the needs and requirements of a many-faceted industry," McNally said.

NATCA leadership working on technology or in other critical agency arenas interface with Belger on a regular basis. "His openness to ideas and solutions from the entire aviation community has impressed us," McNally concluded. "We look forward to a strong professional collaboration with him in his new capacity."

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