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NATCA National Leaders Elected - (8/2/2000)

WASHINGTON — John Carr, controller at Cleveland Tower and NATCA member since 1987, was elected by a wide margin as president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

James R. (Randy) Schwitz, currently the union’s executive vice president, will be in a runoff election with Miami Center Controller Ruth Marlin.

Both Carr and the executive vice president serve as national elected officials on NATCA’s National Executive Board.

The 12-member NEB is elected for concurrent terms, with members in good standing voting for their respective vice presidents. Unopposed were Joseph Fruscella, Eastern regional vice president; Mike Blake, New England regional vice president; and Jim D’Agati, engineers and architects’ vice president.

Regional vice presidents re-elected are:

Alaskan Region: Ricky Thompson, Anchorage Center

Southern Region: Rodney Turner, Nashville Tower

Newcomers as regional vice presidents are:

Central Region: John Tune, Kansas City Center

Great Lakes Region: Patrick Forrey, Cleveland Center

Northwest Mountain Region: Carol Branaman, Denver Centennial Tower

Runoff elections for regional vice presidents are:

Southwest Region: Eric Owens, Houston TRACON
Mark Pallone, Dallas/Fort Worth TRACON

Western Pacific Region: Gus Guerra, Oakland Center
Kevin McGrath, Southern California TRACON

Mike McNally, president since 1997, did not run for re-election and will return to New York Center as an air traffic controller. Other candidates for president were Joseph Bellino of Chicago TRACON and Lee Riley of Atlanta Center.

New elected officials will take office on Sept. 1. For the three runoff elections, the ballots will be mailed on Aug. 16, and counted on Sept. 18. Winners of the runoff elections will take office on Oct. 18.

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