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NATCA, ATA to Host Aviation Delays Summit on July 26 - (7/16/2001)

CONTACT:   Doug Church, NATCA, 202.220.9802
                      Michael Wascom, ATA 202.626.4172

WASHINGTON - As the busy summer travel season approaches its midpoint, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association and the Air Transport Association are working together to proactively address delays and the decreasing amount of capacity in the aviation system, which has become a growing national crisis.

As part of this effort, the two organizations will host an aviation delays summit on July 26 at the Washington Hilton and Towers, 1919 Connecticut Ave. NW (agenda is attached). The day’s objective is the achievement of an unprecedented consensus among the full aviation community on the causes of and solutions to delays. Emphasis will be given to the fact that a few specific, concrete actions can help avert the problems.

“While we have worked diligently on several fronts to make our safe system more efficient, this is a great opportunity for us to stand together with the aviation community and show the country the blame game is long over and we are serious about tackling the delay and congestion issues head-on,” NATCA President John Carr said.

Added ATA President and CEO Carol Hallett: “The airlines intend to do their part in contributing to the solutions by supporting proactive steps to modernize the air traffic control system and enhance capacity. I hope that we can count on the federal government and the local and state governments to assist our efforts. Our national economy and the continued health of our industry are at stake.”

The summit’s main topics include capacity and modernization of the air traffic control system, an evolutionary effort in which controllers and airlines are aggressively engaged. While participants will review the progress made this year in alleviating delays, NATCA and ATA will discuss and propose long-term solutions and submit recommendations to Congress and the Bush administration to ensure both recognize air traffic control and infrastructure issues as national priorities.

ATA brings to the summit its involvement in several projects to address capacity, including joining with the airport communities to form "Runways: A National Coalition," a group focused on spreading word of the critical need for runways many major airports. ATA has also praised the NATCA-endorsed FAA Operational Evolution Plan as a positive step toward modernization of the system through new technologies and procedures.

Concluded Carr: “We all are deeply concerned because delays are costly to both the aviation industry and the American public. This is unacceptable. We have convened this summit in order to change the way business is done.”


NATCA / ATA Aviation Delays Summit Washington Hilton & Towers July 26, 2001

7:30a.m. Registration & Continental Breakfast International Ballroom West
8:00a.m. Welcome & Mission NATCA President John Carr ATA President and CEO Carol Hallett Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.)
9:00a.m. Discussion on Issue 1 (Q&A) National Priority - Capacity
10:15a.m. Break International Ballroom West
10:30a.m. Discussion on Issue 2 (Q&A) Modernization of the system
11:45a.m. Break For Lunch Monroe Room
12 noon Lunch Keynote address FAA Administrator Jane Garvey
1:00p.m. Discussion on Issue 3 (Q&A) Long-term funding for the system
1:45p.m. Closing Discussion National Priority
2:30p.m. Press Conference With summit participants

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