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NATCA Supports Congressional Passage of Bill to Put Airport Security in the Hands of the Federal Government - (11/16/2001)

WASHINGTON - The National Air Traffic Controllers Association is hailing the Congressional passage of a landmark aviation security bill as not only a major step toward improving the security of air travel in the United States but also as a bold statement that the safety of air travel is best left in the hands of federal employees.
“NATCA has long expressed concerns about contracting out aviation safety and this legislation sends a clear message that a service provided by the federal government is better able to protect the flying public,” NATCA Executive Vice President Ruth Marlin said. One of the key reasons behind the safety and effectiveness of U.S. air traffic control is that it is a seamless system, made up of an interconnected network of tower and radar facilities, all using the same standards and procedures. NATCA believes airport security should function the same way and supports the comments of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, who emphasized the need for a comprehensive, integrated system.

“We are proud Congress has recognized that federal employees are the benchmark of excellence when it comes to aviation safety,” Marlin said. “We applaud this as a step forward in improving the safety and security of the National Airspace System.”

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