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NATCA Supports AOPA's Efforts to Restore Meigs Field - (5/22/2003)

CHICAGO – The following statement was issued today by National Air Traffic Controllers Association President John Carr in support of the latest efforts announced in Chicago this morning by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association to restore Meigs Field, the city’s vital downtown airport:

“We stand firmly behind AOPA as it works tirelessly to try and restore Meigs, whose benefit to the increasingly crowded Chicago airspace was enormous before it was ripped up by Mayor (Richard) Daley. That unannounced, forced closure under cloak of darkness was a major step backwards for Chicago aviation and started a domino effect on traffic at neighboring airports.”

“The mayor chose to decrease the margin of safety for flyers in Chicago's airspace by closing Meigs and forcing those aircraft into already overcrowded traffic streams at Midway and O'Hare. I don't question his jurisdiction. I question his judgment."

“Mayor Daley literally bulldozed his way into aviation history on March 30 by destroying a national treasure. The mayor didn’t think his policy choices could either figuratively or literally withstand the light of day. It was the epitome of arrogance.”

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