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Air Traffic Controllers Go to Capitol Hill to Press Issues "Beyond the Scope;" Message to Members of Congress: Reductions in Service are Reductions in Safety - (5/10/2005)

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of air traffic controllers from across the country will descend on Capitol Hill on May 16-17 for their annual legislative conference and Hill visits. With an array of difficult issues beyond their radar scopes confronting the air traffic control system, controllers will bring a strong message for their respective members of Congress: cutting corners on services means cutting safety.

This year, NATCA members are eager to address ongoing concerns about how best to finance and maintain the world’s safest and most efficient air traffic control system but stress that there are no quick and easy shortcuts. Also on the agenda: the important contributions to the system made by the Aviation Trust Fund, the folly of the FAA’s tower mid-shift closure proposal and the continued significance of the controller staffing crisis.

WHAT: “NATCA in Washington,” National Air Traffic Controllers Association’s annual legislative conference

WHEN: Monday, May 16 – Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Monday speakers:
9 a.m.: NATCA President John Carr
9:30 a.m.: Rep. John Spratt, (D-SC-5), Ranking, House Budget Committee
10:30 a.m.: Panel Discussion, “The Washington Political Climate and NATCA,” Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee Ed Gillespie and Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart, moderated by NATCA Executive Vice-President Ruth Marlin
11:30 a.m.: Sen. Ted Stevens, R-AK, Chairman, Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee
2:00 p.m.: Peter Rogoff, Minority Clerk, Transportation Appropriations
2:30 p.m.: Senator Harry Reid, D-NV, Democratic Leader
3:00 p.m.: Rep. Tim Bishop, (D-NY-1)

Tuesday speakers:
9 a.m.: Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-MA, Ranking, Health, Education, Labor & Pension Committee
9:15 a.m.: Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-MI, Minority Whip
9:30 a.m.: Rep. Jerry Costello, D-IL, Ranking, House T&I Aviation Subcommittee
10:00 a.m.: Rep. John Mica, R-FL, Chairman, House T&I Aviation Subcommittee
11:00 a.m.: Sen. John Kerry, D-MA
12:00 noon: Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY

WHERE: Hyatt Regency Washington, D.C. Capitol Hill,
400 New Jersey Ave., N.W. Telephone: 202-737-1234

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