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NATCA Congratulates President-Elect Obama, Looks Forward to Working Together for a Safer, More Efficient Aviation System - (11/5/2008)


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The nation’s air traffic controllers and aviation safety professionals, represented by NATCA, are joining today in the exuberant celebration of the historic election of Barack Obama and extend their congratulations to him on this special day of restored hope for the United States of America. NATCA President Patrick Forrey released the following statement as the organization now looks forward to the bright future of the National Airspace System:

“President-elect Obama supported NATCA from the beginning in our long struggle for fair collective bargaining rights with the Federal Aviation Administration. We were proud to support him and join with working men and women across the country to win this campaign. We’re in a new horizon. Our nation’s aviation system will be restored to provide the traveling public the highest level of safety and efficiency to give our economy a stimulus through renewed focus on our infrastructure.

“For more than two years now our workforce has been one in crisis, attacked and disrespected by an anti-union administration. But change is coming. It is imminent. And NATCA will be there to welcome, embrace and escort it as we work together for a safer, more efficient system. No longer will the employees at the FAA be treated like the enemy. There will be a culture change. We greatly look forward to working together with President-elect Obama’s administration to modernize our infrastructure while enhancing safety in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration. We also will offer our service as the dedicated safety professionals we are, stationed on the front lines of the system.

“NATCA has waited a long time for this day and we couldn’t be happier in embracing the hope that fairness will finally be brought back into the FAA. President-elect Obama’s victory has brought about something this controller workforce has not felt in more than two years – hope for change.”

To read more about President-elect Obama and his relationship with NATCA, please go to: http://www.natca.org/mediacenter/BarackObama.msp

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