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NATCA Supports FAA Bill Compromise - (1/20/2012)

CONTACT: Doug Church, 301-346-8245

WASHINGTON – NATCA President Paul Rinaldi praised today’s announcement that Congressional leaders have reached an agreement on a long-term reauthorization of the FAA:

“This bill has been a long time coming; nearly five years in the making. At a time when cooperation and bipartisanship are considered near-blasphemy in our nation’s capital, the men and women of NATCA are pleased to see lawmakers in Washington reach a long overdue compromise on a multi-year FAA Reauthorization. In the United States, the aviation industry sustains over 11 million jobs and contributes $1.2 trillion in economic activity each year. This bill will help protect the rights of over 30,000 hard-working aviation safety professionals at the FAA, while ensuring the livelihood of millions of working Americans that depend on a vibrant aviation sector.

“This compromise will put us on a path toward modernization and ensure that the U.S. will continue to lead with the safest and most efficient air traffic control system in the world.”

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association represents over 20,000 highly skilled controllers, engineers and other safety-related professionals.


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