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News Archive 1999

NATCA Position on FAA's Modernization Program at Air Traffic Control Centers
Tue, Oct 19, 1999

WASHINGTON- On Oct. 14, The Federal Aviation Administration announced completion of the first phase of its modernization program at all 20 air traffic control centers and three oceanic centers nationwide.

NATCA Calls for Unified Effort to Decrease Delays
Thu, Oct 14, 1999

WASHINGTON- In today's testimony before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation, Randy Schwitz, executive vice president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, dispelled misconceptions about the causes of aviation delays and laid out a plan to help reduce them.

Media Alert Spokesperson Availability (02)
Wed, Oct 13, 1999

Testimony on delays in front of the House Aviation Subcommittee WHO: National Air Traffic Controllers Association Executive Vice President Randy Schwitz.

NATCA Makes Bid to Represent More of the FAA Workforce
Mon, Oct 4, 1999

WASHINGTON:The National Air Traffic Controllers Association is filing petitions to become the exclusive bargaining unit for an additional 1,400 Federal Aviation Administration employees.

Loss of Land and Hold Short Operations Factors into Delays
Mon, Sep 13, 1999

WASHINGTON– Air traffic is at an all time high, more flights are jammed into a finite system than ever before and now it’s confirmed: There’s stranglehold on ground operations at the nation’s busiest airports.

Airline Competition, Bad Planning Increase Delays
Mon, Sep 13, 1999

In the war to be the most profitable air carrier, passengers are held hostage - captives at the gate, waiting for a crack in airline’s inefficient scheduling system.

The Big Trade: Passenger Delays for Airline Profits
Wed, Sep 8, 1999

WASHINGTON–Cha-Ching. When glassy-eyed passengers are stranded at the airport, wearily waiting for a delayed flight, airline executives can’t hear their loyal patrons’ cries of frustration over the sound of their ringing cash registers.

Controllers Vie for the Thrill of Working Airventure
Wed, Jul 28, 1999

OSHKOSH, Wis. - They do it for the challenge, the prestige, the honor. But most of all, they do it for the fun and the customary flamingo-pink T-shirt. Members of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association who are chosen to work Experimental Aircraft Associationís AirVenture are flying high because of their stroke of good luck.

Improved Weather Systems, Training, Communication Keys to Increasing Aviation Safey
Wed, Jul 21, 1999

WASHINGTON - The blurry line between what was once the National Weather Serviceís jurisdiction and what is now the Federal Aviation Administrationís responsibility for aviation weather services needs to be clarified, according to testimony given before a House of Representatives subcommittee by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association on July 22.

New Movie "Pushing Tin" Provides a Lighthearted View of the Turbulent Air Traffic Control Profession
Wed, Apr 21, 1999

WASHINGTON, D.C. - "You may have heard about them. You might not know what they do, but if you had the chance to meet them, you would take the train," voiceover for the film trailer. This commentary is promoting the new Fox movie "Pushing Tin," opening nationwide in theaters April 23. The two main characters Nick Falzone (John Cusack) and Russell Bell (Billy Bob Thornton) both work at the New York Terminal Radar Approach Control. The TRACON is one of the busiest facilities in the world and handles up to 7,000 flights a day through complicated airspace of LaGuardia, Kennedy and Newark airports.

NATCA "LAHSO" Position
Wed, Feb 10, 1999

Runway Incursions are a Growing Hazard for Controllers, Pilots and Passengers
Mon, Feb 1, 1999

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The National Air Traffic Controllers Association stands beside a recent MITRE survey that runway incursions are on the rise and do pose a threat to the flying public.

Air Traffic Controllers Fare Well in Nationwide Poll
Mon, Jan 11, 1999

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Air traffic controllers are valued for their role in aviation safety and their work – believed to be more stressful than the typical job, according to an Opinion Dynamics nationwide survey taken Oct. 28 and 29, 1998. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association commissioned the poll.