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Facility Representatives

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a Facility Representative, your roles and responsibilities are many. Article 1, Section 2c of the NATCA Constitution states one of those objectives as: To preserve, promote, and improve the professionalism and competence of air traffic controllers and other aviation-safety-related employees. One of the programs designed to help us meet this goal is the Professional Standards Program. The specific language in the contract that covers this program can be found in Article 52 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The purpose of the Professional Standards Program is to provide an opportunity for bargaining unit employees to address performance and/or conduct of their peers before such issues rise to a level requiring corrective action(s) on the part of the Agency. This program can reduce your workload as a FacRep and can offer additional protections to your bargaining unit if the performance and/or conduct submitted is successfully resolved. This is an FAA-supported program and your management counterparts are participants. Should you have any issues with the Agency not participating, please contact us.

The goal of the Professional Standards Program, which is contained as a core component of the NATCA/FAA collective bargaining agreement, is to promote and maintain the highest degree of professional conduct among participants.

Training is available via distance based learning for every FacRep regarding this program. We can also facilitate training for you management counterparts (ATM, FLM, etc). Your local PSC member has the ability to provide facility training as well. If you would like this training scheduled, please contact us at ps@natca.net

As a FacRep, you have the ability to make a joint recommendation with your ATM through the ATSAP Event Review Committee (ERC) to send a submitted ATSAP issue to the PSC. For more information on ATSAP, you may visit the ATSAP website.

Professional Standards Committee Member Requirement:

Every facility is required under the CBA to have at least one Professional Standards Committee (PSC) member. More than one may be allotted based on your facility size. Every PSC member must undergo the NATCA PSC three-day training course in order to meet the requirements for processing cases as a PSC member. You may check to see whom we have listed as the PSC member at your facility by clicking here. If the person(s) listed is not correct, please contact us at ps@natca.net immediately so we can update our list and work to provide you with assistance in replacing them.

One of the most important things as a FacRep is your selection of your PSC member. The person you select to represent your facility as a Professional Standards Committee member should be someone who is well respected, would be a good mentor, facilitator, problem solver, and can maintain confidentiality. The selected committee member should also be able to commit to at least a year in this position. There is no term limit. The National Workgroup requests that the Facility Representative NOT serve as the Professional Standards Committee member. However, a waiver can be granted if no suitable candidates can be found. Most of the time this person spends working on Professional Standards issues will be duty time. Please contact us with any questions regarding the selection process and roles and responsibilities.

For information on how PSC members track their time, please click here.

Your NATCA National PSC is always available to answer any questions, provide resources, schedule necessary training, and support your role as a FacRep. Please contact us at ps@natca.net if we can assist in any way.

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