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PSC Members

Roles and Responsibilities:

Your role as a PSC member is an incredibly important one with many responsibilities. This website is intended to provide you with all the information you need to be successful in your job to promote and maintain professionalism.

If you have been selected as a committee member by your Facility Representative, but have not yet completed the three-day training course, you cannot process issues under Professional Standards. Please see the PSC Member Training tab for more information on receiving training.

One of the most critical things to remember when you have processed a case is to submit the submission outcome into the database.  This data is the only way we have to track our success and the use of this critical program. To complete you submission, please contact ps@natca.net to request a link.

We also ask that you help us with keeping our committee member list up to date. If you are moving, or have bid on or accepted a job outside of your bargaining unit, please notify us at ps@natca.net immediately. To see the current list of committee members, click here. This list also identifies your current District Chairs. If you see anything that needs to be updated, please let us know.

We have compiled a ‘Things to Remember’ list below that should help you with key points we discussed in training. We encourage you to refresh yourselves with these key points.

The resources section includes all that you should need to operate the Professional Standards program at your facility.

Things to Remember:

1. Always complete the field report when finished processing a case.
2. Confidentiality must be maintained.
3. It is entirely voluntary.
4. Be unbiased and utilize your listening and observation skills.
5. Trust your gut.
6. Use the case checklist.
7. Avoid emails when possible. If unable keep the email short without details. Do not use your FAA email.
8. Do not take an anonymous submissions.
9. Do not take a case that is an EEO or Accountability Board issue.
10. Advise your district chair when you take a case.
11. Complete the field report.
12. Be a good communicator and manage expectations.
13. Never do conflict resolution with more than two people at a time.
14. You need three things to resolve an issue:
         i. An admission that the event/issue submitted into PS occurred and an understanding of it’s impact on safety.
         ii. An admission that the person was involved in the event/issue and that they take ownership of that involvement.
         iii. A self-identified solution to the issue.
15. Whether it is resolved or un-resolved, never give more information regarding the outcome unless approved by the individual(s) who was submitted.
16. If you cannot resolve a case, identify other options for the submitter.
17. If you have someone who should be recognized for their professionalism, please submit them for NATCA’s Professionalism Award.
18. If you change facilities, please notify us at ps@natca.net so we can list you at your new facility.
19. If you bid, or accept, a job outside of the bargaining unit, please advise us immediately.
20. If you have difficulty getting time, data, or getting management to use the program, please contact us.
21. If you believe that your facility is experiencing a systemic issue contact us.
22. Please complete the field report. It is one of the only ways to show our success.

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