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Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Contact the QAQC team at qaqc@natca.net

Air Traffic Safety Action Program
Poster: Complete an ATSAP Report While it’s Fresh on Your Mind
Briefing Sheets:
March 2017 – Passing or Diverging
July 2017 – Traffic Advisory
August 2017 – ATSAP-X Program Recap

Communicating For Safety
Oct. 22-24, 2018
Bally’s Las Vegas

Take a Stand for Safety
Key issues explored on our Take a Stand for Safety:
1. Weather awareness saves lives. A pilot’s equipment alone cannot see the full weather picture. It takes controllers and pilots. Take a stand with NATCA and the FAA – Complete the Picture.
2. Close proximity Instrument Flight Rule/Visual Flight Rule (IFR/VFR) events are occurring in all air traffic environments. Together, the FAA and NATCA are addressing myths and encouraging controllers to call traffic, issue safety alerts, and work with pilots to avoid IFR/VFR conflicts.

Briefing Sheets
May 2017 – A Flight Attendant’s View: Turbulence


IPM (Individual Performance Management) – Please click here.
PRoC (Performance Record of Conference) – Please click here.
RAE (Risk Analysis Event) – Please click here for Page 1; Page 2
Quality Control vs. Individual Performance Management: Operational Skills Assessment (OSA) – Please click here.
CIC Reporting Requirements – Please click here.

Meeting Minutes
December 2017 – Please click here.


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