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Right From the Start Brings Together 20 NATCA Leaders


This week, 20 facility leaders gathered at the NATCA National Office in Washington, D.C., as NATCA’s National Lead for Collaboration Phil Hughes (Boston TRACON) and Chris Stephenson (Memphis Center) led them in leadership training for a self-sustaining, collaborative workplace as part of the joint FAA-NATCA program Right From the Start (RFTS).

RFTS provides facility leadership with a full analysis on the health of their workplace. It helps them gauge teamwork and leadership effectiveness, assess employee perception of the workplace, and identify issues that may impede the full potential of the operation.

The program initiates a culture of high engagement and facilitates a strong leadership presence based on feedback from everyone in the air traffic operation.

RFTS also promotes collaboration between management and labor, and offers a path for facility leaders to develop their own objectives and a clear-cut plan to improve workplace health.

For more information on RFTS, view the brochure here.

To hear some of the success stories of the program from those who have lived it, watch this video.