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NAL Mid-Summer Update

Hello everyone, just a quick update for the Region. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and getting an opportunity to fill up your freezers with some fish, or moose, or whatever you decide to shoot, bonk, or otherwise kill to eat. 🙂

Most of you are aware that the contract is ratified and went into effect on July 24. There will be a lot of questions and a bit of stumbling but we will work through the implementation of the new CBA collaboratively, responsibly, and reasonably with the agency and resolve the issues when they pop up. Credit hours seem to be the biggest issue on most people’s minds and there is a Q&A out now for it. Any question on that, or anything, don’t hesitate to ask your REP, Brett, or myself.

Most FacReps in the AK Region are attending CBA training next week in Las Vegas; after that we will begin the process of negotiating the new BWS, Leave, OT, and the CIC MOUs (if applicable) for the facilities. Hopefully you’ll all be bidding schedules and leave at a reasonable time this year. There are going to be significant changes to the BWS and Leave MOUs this year so expect it to look a little different. That said, we will be available for questions and concerns that pop up during the process so don’t hesitate to ask.

The 2016 NATCA Convention is fast approaching. If you are able to attend, you should. It’s a great event to not only see how your Union conducts it business but also to enjoy the solidarity of being around your NATCA brothers and sisters from all over the country. Time is running out to sign up if you’re interested in going so talk to your rep and see if there is an opportunity to get you there. You should have each received a packet with all the proposed amendments for the convention. Make sure you read through them and familiarize yourself with the proposals. If you have something that you’re interested in your Rep voting a certain way, let them know. They can’t represent your vote if they don’t know which way you align on the issues.

Local election nominations are coming up soon. If you’re interested in holding office, or nominating someone else, it’s a good time to start the conversation or to start asking questions. Being a NATCA member is the best way to facilitate changes to your work environment, being a Rep is the best way to put your individual imprint on those changes and the day-to-day ops in your facility. It is a tough job at times but it is also rewarding in more ways than I can express. Either way, if you’re thinking about running know that you’ll have as much support as myself and Brett can give you. You are never alone in this Union, that’s what makes us great.

FSS has gotten their academy up and running so you can expect to hear a few new voices on the lines. This is exciting for us because we now have an avenue to train folks in FSS that didn’t have prior experience. It also, potentially, gives our BUEs another NEST option if they are unable to check out in their first facility.

I don’t have an exact date but for you folks that have friends that are still waiting for jobs, the FAA is putting out another open source bid for hiring. It should be out here in the next few weeks. This is just FYI for all of you to spread the word to your friends and family. I also understand that if you’re a CTI graduate or prior military you DO NOT have to take the Biographical Exam. Hopefully that helps bolster the numbers of people that gets through to the first phase of hiring anyways, especially those that have put in the work to get a degree or have served our country.

We are currently working to further the use of ProStan and Collaboration in the FSS. There is a definite need to further the education and use of these two programs in the FSS unit. With adding FSS into our CBA we now have a renewed effort and resources to provide that training to our brothers and sisters in FSS and get you them closer to reaping the benefits that those programs provide. More on that as it progresses.

That’s all I have for now. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments please don’t hesitate to ask Brett or myself.

In Solidarity,

Clint Lancaster

Brett Lystad

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