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NATCA EVP Trish Gilbert Thanks TAMR Group in DC

The Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR) workgroup met in D.C. last week. NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert thanked the members of the group and recognized them for their ongoing work to advance the safety of our National Airspace System.

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Group Members:

Jim VanZee
Richard Thomas
Chris Falcone
Ross Costa
Tim Samsel
Matthew Morter
Mike Smith
Mike Sanders
Brian Reddy
Jason Rose
Kyle Ness
Andrew Gale
Jon Bealles
Rick Mansure
Norval Holcolm
Gordon Green
Dean Ruzicka
Jill Carr
Anthony Loguidice
Jimmie White
Chris Hilbert
Scott Trafton
Dan Kerr
Aaron Mackesey
Robert Faulkner
Joe Yannone
Hugh Wyckoff
Scott Carnes
Scott Kendrick
Duane Kinney
Patrick Carter
Mark Cooke
Nathan Taylor
Tyler Wilke
Amy Lawson
Andrew Bellini
Aaron Rose
Dan Stefko
Scott Robillard
Jeff Bishop
Bill Spence
Teah Lord
Ryan Kimball
James Scarpelli
Paul Shireman
Michael Tate

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