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We Are Thankful For Our New Members!

We do not take for granted the new members that join NATCA daily. With less than a week left in our membership drive campaign, the NATCA Collective, we are so close to achieving our goal of welcoming over 500 new members into the NATCA family since the beginning of September. Over the last few months, we have encouraged our current members to reach out to potential members and explain the value of NATCA, and they did not let us down. We hope that with your partnership, you will understand what NATCA is, who NATCA represents, and experience what we all can accomplish together.

We want to recognize our newest NATCA members. Please see below to view the full listing of new members since September. We invite you to take full advantage of all that NATCA has to offer.

Region Facility First Name Middle Name Last Name
NAL Anchorage TRACON (A11) Ethan D Abelov
NAL Anchorage TRACON (A11) Anthony J Meadows
NAL Flight Services (NAATS) (FS1) Olga L Holmann
NAL Flight Services (NAATS) (FS1) Samuel D Mcquillin
NAL Anchorage Center (ZAN) Paul Michael Curran
NAL Anchorage Center (ZAN) Hector   Jimenez
NCE Waterloo ATCT (ALO) Stefan Alexander Crane
NCE Des Moines ATCT (DSM) Yunior   Gonzalez
NCE Topeka ATCT (FOE) George W Gregson
NCE Topeka ATCT (FOE) Jeremy M Morgan
NCE Topeka ATCT (FOE) Quade Wayne Petsche
NCE Wichita ATCT (ICT) Terry L McKee
NCE Wichita ATCT (ICT) Christina L Miller
NCE Wichita ATCT (ICT) Darrin R Miller
NCE Omaha/Eppley ATCT (OMA) Matthew T Hegel
NCE St. Louis TRACON (T75) Kyle M Curran
NCE Kansas City Center (ZKC) Elgin W Bowman
NCE Kansas City Center (ZKC) C Alexander Hughes
NCE Kansas City Center (ZKC) Rodney G Miller
NCE Kansas City Center (ZKC) Desmond G Rollins
NCE Kansas City Center (ZKC) Anna D Naomi Snider
NCE Kansas City Center (ZKC) Richard L Wilkinson
NEA Albany County ATCT (ALB) Dennis M Russo
NEA Buffalo ATCT (BUF) Zachery H Bescheinen
NEA Buffalo ATCT (BUF) Lloyd W Demario
NEA Buffalo ATCT (BUF) Andrew J Gould
NEA Baltimore Washington ATCT (BWI) Matthew L Ramos
NEA Charleston ATCT (CRW) Paul R Johnson
NEA Charleston ATCT (CRW) Steven Daniel Lane
NEA TMU-Command Center (DCC) Melani Joy Richter
NEA Elmira ATCT (ELM) Andrew Bott Fischer
NEA Elmira ATCT (ELM) Andrew   Khmys
NEA Elmira ATCT (ELM) Darlena   Marcelle
NEA White Plains Westchester ATCT (HPN) Steven W Belske
NEA Niagara Falls Tower (IAG) Daniel W. Leonard
NEA Harrisburg ATCT (MDT) Kevin M Rigdon
NEA Martin State ATCT (MTN) Bryan   Tapscott
NEA New York TRACON (N90) Timothy B Boyette
NEA New York TRACON (N90) Ryan R Drake
NEA New York TRACON (N90) Christopher Mario Famulari
NEA New York TRACON (N90) Joana Milanie F Gapido
NEA New York TRACON (N90) Sheikh Ul Haq
NEA New York TRACON (N90) Paul B Niles
NEA New York TRACON (N90) Robert A Olsen
NEA New York TRACON (N90) Melissa A Pentheros
NEA New York TRACON (N90) William A Russo
NEA Norfolk ATCT (ORF) Brandon Fletcher Klavik
NEA Norfolk ATCT (ORF) Mitchell A Kuefler
NEA Philadelphia ATCT (PHL) Wirge   Justusson
NEA Philadelphia ATCT (PHL) Beth L Luciotti
NEA Philadelphia ATCT (PHL) David W Urban
NEA North Philadelphia ATCT (PNE) Kendra Marie Downing
NEA North Philadelphia ATCT (PNE) Anthony A Tolentino
NEA Reading ATCT (RDG) Edward J Mccoy
NEA Washington Center (ZDC) Robert G Buith
NEA Washington Center (ZDC) Eric Wilfried Kaelin
NEA Washington Center (ZDC) David W Norris
NEA Washington Center (ZDC) Andrew J Watson
NEA New York Center (ZNY) Javier   Cantu
NEA New York Center (ZNY) Jacob W Dawson
NEA New York Center (ZNY) Eric Thomas Jenkeleit
NEA New York Center (ZNY) Julian L King
NEA New York Center (ZNY) Robert K Morgenweck
NGL Ann Arbor ATCT (ARB) Manuel   Trujillo Rodriguez
NGL Kalamazoo ATCT (AZO) Ryan Walter Goodner
NGL Kalamazoo ATCT (AZO) Nathan Glen Nix
NGL Bismarck ATCT (BIS) Tysen D Maughan
NGL Cleveland Hopkins ATCT (CLE) Lydia A Peregoy
NGL Champaign ATCT (CMI) Tyler J Arlt
NGL Dayton ATCT (DAY) Adam Michael Hamrick
NGL Dayton ATCT (DAY) Jared   Ndiba
NGL Duluth ATCT (DLH) Steven A Hendrickson
NGL Duluth ATCT (DLH) Alan P Shade
NGL Duluth ATCT (DLH) David   Vang
NGL Evansville ATCT (EVV) Austin Rae Huff
NGL Evansville ATCT (EVV) Christopher Michael Palmer
NGL Sioux Falls/Foss Field ATCT (FSD) Nicolas A Ramirez
NGL Mansfield ATCT (MFD) Peter Stephen Galentine
NGL Mansfield ATCT (MFD) Cody J Nutting
NGL Minneapolis Crystal ATCT (MIC) Michael G Andrews
NGL Muskegon ATCT (MKG) Scott Matthew Larson
NGL Moline ATCT (MLI) Stephen Kwok-Wai Lau
NGL Madison ATCT (MSN) Scott E Leishman
NGL Oshkosh ATCT (OSH) Aaron Lewis Lane
NGL Oshkosh ATCT (OSH) Curtis M Sweeney
NGL Oshkosh ATCT (OSH) Brian   Van Lankveldt
NGL Oshkosh ATCT (OSH) Robert Francis Woods
NGL Peoria ATCT (PIA) Alaina F Carey
NGL Rockford ATCT (RFD) Sergio Gustavo Lopez
NGL Rochester ATCT (RST) James B Wohlman
NGL South Bend ATCT (SBN) Cole A Miller
NGL South Bend ATCT (SBN) Cody Thomas Pavlicek
NGL South Bend ATCT (SBN) Bianca N Sizemore
NGL South Bend ATCT (SBN) Nicholas J Walker
NGL Toledo Express ATCT (TOL) Jordan Ernest Fritz
NGL Toledo Express ATCT (TOL) Kyle Edward Meyers
NGL Youngstown ATCT (YNG) Vanessa R Moran
NGL Youngstown ATCT (YNG) Tristan Nicholas Ritter
NGL Chicago Center (ZAU) Matthew T Barr
NGL Chicago Center (ZAU) Kevin Scott Forney
NGL Chicago Center (ZAU) Matthew Ryan Friedrich
NGL Chicago Center (ZAU) Connor W Holliday
NGL Chicago Center (ZAU) Christopher M Jorgenson
NGL Chicago Center (ZAU) Princeton J Kanae
NGL Chicago Center (ZAU) Stephen J Marshall
NGL Chicago Center (ZAU) Samuel J Salazar
NGL Chicago Center (ZAU) Ethan J Trzebiatowski
NGL Indianapolis Center (ZID) Alexander  C Adams
NGL Indianapolis Center (ZID) Christina L Dury
NGL Indianapolis Center (ZID) Kara S Edge
NGL Indianapolis Center (ZID) Michael J Gebhart
NGL Indianapolis Center (ZID) Jacob E Giere
NGL Indianapolis Center (ZID) Charles Logan Jonus
NGL Indianapolis Center (ZID) Lauren Christine Lucas
NGL Indianapolis Center (ZID) Darrell Allen Patten
NGL Indianapolis Center (ZID) Michal   Pogorzelski
NGL Indianapolis Center (ZID) Stephen A Supanich
NGL Minneapolis Center (ZMP) David Carlos Fernandez
NGL Minneapolis Center (ZMP) Kyle A Garner
NGL Minneapolis Center (ZMP) Melanie E Hamilton
NGL Minneapolis Center (ZMP) Luke R Peterson
NGL Minneapolis Center (ZMP) Luke A Roberts
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Bryan James Hampson
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Rhyann E Koehler
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Wesley Mitchell Lai
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Stephen Michael Leonard
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Bradley J Mieden
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Elias J Morse
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Russell James Parsons
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Kyle S Slivka
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Charles M Smith
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Robert E Thibault
NGL Cleveland Center (ZOB) Carl B Wisherick
NNE Bradley International ATCT (BDL) Michael J Bertolini
NNE Bedford ATCT (BED) David M Devine
NNE Bangor ATCT (BGR) Rigoberto   Navarro
NNE Beverly (Mass) ATCT (BVY) Brian Francis Parino
NNE Worcester ATCT (ORH) Michelle   Meyers
NNE Providence ATCT (PVD) Christopher J Mize
NNE Providence ATCT (PVD) Adrian E Rivas
NNE Providence ATCT (PVD) Eli M Rubin
NNE Portland ATCT (Maine) (PWM) Andrew D Bryant
NNE Portland ATCT (Maine) (PWM) Shelby Ann Hansen
NNE Portland ATCT (Maine) (PWM) Harold Charles Hill
NNE Portland ATCT (Maine) (PWM) Nicholas James Maglicane
NNE Bradley TRACON (Y90) Trenton M Rowland
NNE Bradley TRACON (Y90) Trifon T Valencia
NNE Boston Center (ZBW) Rachel L Devine
NNE Boston Center (ZBW) William L Tremouliaris
NNE Boston Center (ZBW) Eric O Vrublevskiy
NNE Boston Center (ZBW) Kaylyn Chloe Yerkes
NNM Aspen Pitken County ATCT (ASE) Aaron J Sewell
NNM Casper ATCT (CPR) Austin D Bumgarner
NNM Casper ATCT (CPR) Gentri L Engelke
NNM Renton ATCT (RNT) Anthony   Franklin
NNM Seattle TRACON (S46) Michael J Galletto
NNM Seattle TRACON (S46) Yesenia   Hernandez
NNM Denver Center (ZDV) Reily Jp Carroll
NNM Salt Lake City Center (ZLC) Joel D Green
NNM Salt Lake City Center (ZLC) Daniel C Moore
NNM Seattle Center (ZSE) Jose R Guillan
NNM Seattle Center (ZSE) Nicholas A Nolke
NNM Seattle Center (ZSE) Kieth E Priebe
NRX Engineer/Aeronautical Center (EAC) Luke A Engel
NRX Engineer/Aeronautical Center (EAC) John Alison Hawk
NRX Engineer/Aeronautical Center (EAC) Thomas J Mcdevitt
NRX Engineer/Aeronautical Center (EAC) Lisen Christine Minetti
NRX Engineer/Aeronautical Center (EAC) Grace C Moore
NRX Engineer/Aeronautical Center (EAC) Aatman T Nandi
NRX Engineer/Alaska Region (EAL) Teresita   Flores
NRX New York Aircraft Cert Office (EE1) Siddeeq A Bacchus
NRX New York Aircraft Cert Office (EE1) Andrea L Jimenez
NRX Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA) Janine   Abyad
NRX Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA) Sahar   Ahmed
NRX Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA) Russell J Classi
NRX Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA) Jonathan Zachary Delaune
NRX Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA) Caitlin Danielle Dixon
NRX Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA) Maxwell V Gordon
NRX Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA) Nelson   Li
NRX Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA) Usman   Noor
NRX Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA) Isat   Osmanaj
NRX Engineer/Eastern Region (EEA) Madelyn Terese Sheehan
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Andres   Barajas
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Joshua S Benitez
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Angel   Castillo
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Aaron J Gonzalez
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Michelle D King
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Delvin O Lewis
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Roben F Mata
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Georgina C Mcdonald
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Robert C Morales
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Cody A Olson
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Niall C Stanczak
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Boris   Vasiljevic
NRX Engineer/Great Lakes Region (EGL) Gary David Wilson
NRX FAA HQ Staff (EHQ) Marcus L Jesses
NRX FAA HQ Staff (EHQ) Vida Lee Olives
NRX FAA HQ Staff (EHQ) Anne N Schlesinger
NRX FAA HQ Staff (EHQ) Sherrise M Smith
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Humam M Al Sultan
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) William V Clockedile
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Ismael   Cruz
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Alisa N Da Silva
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Michael Thomas Duhan
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Jeffery C Finley
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Kevin S Grant
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) David T Haslett
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Michael W Holman
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Colin T Kennedy
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) John M Kirkendall
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Georges E Lamarre
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Carl A Lang
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Marcus   Le
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Jake T Manning
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Alex J Neville
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Jonathan S Stanton
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Ronald   Tam
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Bryan R Therrien
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Sean S Tiney
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Daniel A Volpe
NRX Engineer/New England Region (ENE) Xikun   Zou
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Dwayne E Appling
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Randip S Bhachu
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Allison J Buss
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Glenn C Chong
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Daniel G Cofield
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) David Andrew Collins
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Andrew F Edstrom
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Brett Matthew Ficek
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Loreli J Floresca
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Marissa M Griffin
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) John W Guy
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Brian F Hernandez
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Rajit R Khanna
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Margaret N Langsted
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) James E Laubaugh
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Julie M Linn
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Wyatt T Linville
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Suzanne Elizabeth Lucier
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Rajendran   Mohanraj
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) David G Parker
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Miles E Raker
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Jeffrey G Rothman
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Zachary A Schumaker
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Barbara Ann Urbauer
NRX Engineer/Northwest Mountain Region (ENM) Sherry L Vevea
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Kristi D Ashley
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) G Clinton
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Latrenda S Crane
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Jennifer A Ganley
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Mark T Hale
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Gregory L. Henderson
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Nicholas B Lemay
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Eboni M Poole
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Alan J Price
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) James B Price
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Kevin   Shannon
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Jamal R Stovall
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Anthonisha E Washington
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) James H Williams
NRX Engineer/Southern Region (ESO) Migdalia   Williams
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Martin R Crane
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Cynthia J Diep
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Rami J El-Turk
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Charles R Erickson
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Sara K Fields-Pack
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Carey J Gonzalez
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Demetra S Johnson
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Stany   Joseph
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Dacen C Kinser
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Stephen M Lara-Ramirez
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Quarry L. Torres
NRX Engineer/Southwest Region (ESW) Miller J Walsh
NRX Los Angeles Aircraft Cert Office (EW1) William P Francis
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Sheryl D Alexander
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Mark R Calcaterra
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Alexander D Coffman
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Nicholas J Escobosa
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Aum A Gandhi
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Fredrick C Kessee
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Min S Kim
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Alexander L O’Donnell
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) David Chavez Ramirez
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Alexander Scott Thibodeaux
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Jeffrey L Travers
NRX Engineer/Western-Pacific Region (EWP) Anthony   Vital
NSO Atlanta TRACON (A80) Phillip J Gable
NSO Augusta ATCT (AGS) Brandon L Grisko
NSO Augusta ATCT (AGS) Devontay D Hall
NSO Birmingham ATCT (BHM) David A Creasy
NSO Columbia Metropolitan ATCT (CAE) William H Renftle
NSO Chattanooga ATCT (CHA) Jesse David Fairchild
NSO Dothan ATCT (DHN) Leo   Gill
NSO New Bern Tower (EWN) Carl D Finley
NSO Key West Tower (EYW) William N. Haia
NSO Fort Lauderdale ATCT (FLL) John A Reyes
NSO Fulton FCT (FTY) Alexander   Martinez
NSO Gainesville ATCT (GNV) Philip C Capo
NSO Gainesville ATCT (GNV) Carrie Raye Anne Douglas
NSO Huntsville Madison County ATCT (HSV) Darcelle M Anderson
NSO Jackson (MS) ATCT (JAN) Benjamin Alan Stokes
NSO Concord (NC) ATCT (JQF) Adam S Dancy
NSO Leesburg (Fla) LEE Kelly M Ellison
NSO Lexington ATCT (LEX) Jacob S Elmer
NSO Lexington ATCT (LEX) Caleb James George
NSO Lexington ATCT (LEX) Matthew Ryan Hosking
NSO Lexington ATCT (LEX) Joshua Collier Locke
NSO Lexington ATCT (LEX) Andrew M Miller
NSO Louisville/Bowman ATCT (LOU) Kelly D Riner
NSO Albert J Ellis FCT (OAJ) William   Allen
NSO Albert J Ellis FCT (OAJ) Nicholas L Gibbs
NSO Albert J Ellis FCT (OAJ) Terry Lee K Hao
NSO Albert J Ellis FCT (OAJ) Wesley D Sargent
NSO Albert J Ellis FCT (OAJ) Jeffrey F Wesche
NSO Opa Locka FCT (OPF) Howard   Daniel
NSO Peachtree Dekalb/Atlanta ATCT (PDK) Paul A Ernhart
NSO Savannah ATCT (SAV) Richard M Guinn
NSO Stuart Tower (SUA) David S Thompson
NSO Bristol Tri City ATCT (TRI) Stewart A Doukakis
NSO Knoxville McGhee Tyson ATCT (TYS) Giustino Cleon Fyfield
NSO Jacksonville Center (ZJX) Christopher J Shipley
NSO Jacksonville Center (ZJX) Stephanie L Shupe
NSO Jacksonville Center (ZJX) Caroline J Sznakowski
NSO Miami Center (ZMA) Robert M Aguila
NSO Miami Center (ZMA) Erin E Egoroff
NSO Miami Center (ZMA) Daniel N Gevorkian
NSO Miami Center (ZMA) Colin  Christopher Murphy
NSO Miami Center (ZMA) Miguel C Narvaez
NSO Miami Center (ZMA) Grace E Stephens
NSO Miami Center (ZMA) Katherine J Thomas
NSO Miami Center (ZMA) Lisa D Wade
NSO Miami Center (ZMA) Christoph   Zemmler
NSO Memphis Center (ZME) Michael Aaron Aveille
NSO Memphis Center (ZME) Dalvin D Barry
NSO Memphis Center (ZME) Brady R Hendrickson
NSO Memphis Center (ZME) Tavian D s Jones
NSO Memphis Center (ZME) Timothy P Mcdaniel
NSO Memphis Center (ZME) Bryant R Mcneelan
NSO Memphis Center (ZME) Gerrit L Moss
NSO Memphis Center (ZME) Tyler A Parsons
NSO San Juan CERAP (ZSU) Daniel Kencana Chang
NSO San Juan CERAP (ZSU) Aaron Jacob Feagans
NSO San Juan CERAP (ZSU) Craig Owin Howard
NSO San Juan CERAP (ZSU) Matthew J w Schuster
NSO Atlanta Center (ZTL) Joshua Lee Farnsworth
NSO Atlanta Center (ZTL) Shawn T Fulks
NSO Atlanta Center (ZTL) Ashton J Stelljes
NSW Abilene ATCT (ABI) Kristina L Olson
NSW Austin ATCT (AUS) Damian D Campbell
NSW Austin ATCT (AUS) Darrell W Stewart
NSW Brownsville ATCT (BRO) William E Strawther
NSW Baton Rouge Ryan Field ATCT (BTR) Earl Bradley Pruett
NSW Corpus Christi ATCT (CRP) Frank M Maldonado
NSW Corpus Christi ATCT (CRP) Benjamin A McCall
NSW Clinton/Sherman ATCT (CSM) James C Skelton
NSW Dallas/Love Field ATCT (DAL) Kedria   Watson
NSW El Paso ATCT (ELP) Brett A Biffle
NSW Fort Smith ATCT (FSM) Matthew Tilman Brown
NSW Longview ATCT (GGG) Corey Christopher Benton
NSW Galveston Tower (GLS) Colin M Weaver
NSW Houston TRACON (I90) Obed C Salazar
NSW Lafayette ATCT (LFT) Madonna T d Moffatte
NSW Little Rock/Adams Field ATCT (LIT) Frank N Albrecht
NSW Monroe ATCT (MLU) John L Ford
NSW New Orleans Lakefront ATCT (NEW) Brian M Morris
NSW New Orleans Lakefront ATCT (NEW) Joshua M Sewell
NSW Redbird (TX) ATCT (RBD) Robert A Moore
NSW Redbird (TX) ATCT (RBD) Jeffrey N Orr
NSW Tulsa Riverside ATCT (RVS) Ryan William Gunn
NSW Tulsa Riverside ATCT (RVS) Marcus L Porter
NSW Tulsa Riverside ATCT (RVS) Charles J Stalling
NSW Tulsa Riverside ATCT (RVS) Terrance Michael Williams
NSW Shreveport ATCT (SHV) Austin D Agli
NSW Shreveport ATCT (SHV) Caleb Max Fearing
NSW Shreveport ATCT (SHV) Clay A Guillot
NSW Shreveport ATCT (SHV) Weston Lee Philpot
NSW Albuquerque Center (ZAB) Claudia   Buchsenschutz
NSW Albuquerque Center (ZAB) Jefferson F Chang
NSW Albuquerque Center (ZAB) Nathan Charles Kishiyama
NSW Albuquerque Center (ZAB) Mathew K Maroney
NSW Albuquerque Center (ZAB) Nicholas J H Naveiras
NSW Albuquerque Center (ZAB) Derek F Schwarz
NSW Fort Worth Center (ZFW) Caitlyn A Ballard
NSW Fort Worth Center (ZFW) Christopher J Bray
NSW Fort Worth Center (ZFW) Arturo   Hernandez
NSW Fort Worth Center (ZFW) Hannah E Mercurio
NSW Houston Center (ZHU) Lindsay P Anderson
NSW Houston Center (ZHU) Katia Jarris Camacho Martinez
NSW Houston Center (ZHU) Brandon J Cerrone
NSW Houston Center (ZHU) Lauren   Fuentes
NSW Houston Center (ZHU) Joseph john A Gomez
NSW Houston Center (ZHU) David J Klugman
NSW Houston Center (ZHU) Marcus N Miller
NSW Houston Center (ZHU) Tanner D VanDerLinden
NWP Napa County ATCT (APC) Larson A Chun
NWP Napa County ATCT (APC) Gabrielle E Kendrick
NWP Napa County ATCT (APC) Robert E Wnetrzak
NWP Bakersfield Meadows Field ATCT (BFL) Shelby M Ashley
NWP Burbank ATCT (BUR) Alexander B Imansepahi
NWP Burbank ATCT (BUR) Ashley T Nunez
NWP Carlsbad Palomar ATCT (CRQ) Tyler D Bengford
NWP Carlsbad Palomar ATCT (CRQ) Scott Stuart Mackenzie
NWP Grand Canyon ATCT (GCN) Robert C Volk
NWP Honolulu Control Facility (HCF) Scott W Weber
NWP Hilo ATCT (ITO) Getty Girard Daigle
NWP Joshua Control Facility (JCF) Stanley   Song
NWP Joshua Control Facility (JCF) Aaron Christian Turney
NWP Joshua Control Facility (JCF) Jessica F Turney
NWP Molokai FCT (MKK) Arnold Mikioi Mitsho Edwards
NWP San Diego Montgomery ATCT (MYF) Chase B McNeill
NWP Northern California TRACON (NCT) Lee A Butler
NWP Kahului ATCT (OGG) Jonathan J Walker
NWP Phoenix TRACON (P50) Justin T Maples
NWP Palm Springs ATCT (PSP) Austin D Glenn
NWP Stockton ATCT (SCK) Macklin Jay Bishop
NWP Southern California TRACON (SCT) Ramin   Panahi
NWP Southern California TRACON (SCT) Michael J Sonnier
NWP San Jose ATCT (SJC) Jaime R Rosso
NWP Tucson ATCT (TUS) Jarell Joseph Gales
NWP Tucson ATCT (TUS) Kyle E Steward
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Willis A Blankenship
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Francesca R Brand
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Kristen J Daniel
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Brittany R Garland
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Tayna K Itai
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Anton S Kalista
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Taylor K Kelsey
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Aaron A Kotoff
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Hakeem T Lalputan
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Michael James Lott
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Nathan M Malarchick
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Stephen M Ray
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Michael D Schlegelmilch
NWP Los Angeles Center (ZLA) Tiffany R Taft
NWP Oakland Center (ZOA) Michael Steven Bidwell
NWP Oakland Center (ZOA) Jack A Brooks
NWP Oakland Center (ZOA) Carter Stephen Cruise
NWP Oakland Center (ZOA) Alina Maria Davalos
NWP Oakland Center (ZOA) Anthony   Espinoza
NWP Oakland Center (ZOA) Joel C Hendrix
NWP Oakland Center (ZOA) Bobbi-Lin Makalii Kalama
NWP Oakland Center (ZOA) Alejandro   Lara
NWP Oakland Center (ZOA) Cassandra L Nolan
NWP Oakland Center (ZOA) Catherine Ann Reynolds
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