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Welcome to CFS 2019!

We are so happy to join you once again for Communicating For Safety (CFS). As a part of CFS 2019, NATCA is committing to an ongoing training culture with our important new safety initiative: “Every Day Is a Training Day.” The critical nature of aviation safety requires that we commit to effective training and learning, especially at a time when technology is always changing, and the National Airspace System (NAS) is getting more complex.

We all have heard that practice makes perfect. Repetition of information and practicing skills is essential to efficient and effective learning. The more we review a piece of information, the easier it is for our brain to remember it. The more we repeat doing a task in the right way, the more proficient we become at it.

The “Every Day Is a Training Day” initiative and our commitment to ongoing, effective learning will continue after we’ve left CFS. It will become a foundation for all of NATCA’s training. For this initiative to be successful, we will be encouraging NATCA members to commit to this ongoing training concept and take advantage of training opportunities. Excellence has got to be the norm when it comes to aviation and the NAS. All of the time. We all need to be committed to this idea and uphold our profession by making a lifelong commitment to training.

At CFS 2019, there will be lots of important training opportunities. FAA Administrator Steve Dickson, ALPA President Capt. Joe DePete, and SR-71 pilot Brian Shul are confirmed to address attendees. In other panels, we will discuss weather, new technologies, and how to better communicate with pilots. We will explore the challenges we face in our professions and how they affect airspace safety.

In addition to training, CFS gives us opportunities to renew our friendships with one another and make new friends and professional contacts.

We also will take time to honor the best in our professions, starting with recognizing deserving award winners for elevating our Union’s efforts to improve safety and concluding with our 15th annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards. For the second straight year, we also will present the Region X Commitment to Safety Award.

We’re thrilled you’re with us. For every one of your colleagues working back home, we say thank you and offer them the opportunity to watch CFS on our live stream on natca.org and, after the conference, on our YouTube CFS channel.

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