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16,000+ MEMBERS STRONG! NATCA Surpasses Organizing Milestone

On Labor Day last year, we announced that our Union was holding an open season organizing campaign. An open season is an opportunity for potential members to join our Union without having to pay an initiation fee, which is something we had not done in five years. We called this campaign “The NATCA Collective.” It was a three-month invitation for all represented bargaining unit employees (BUEs) to join us and become active, dues-paying Union members. For this campaign, we set a goal to add 500 new members. We are proud to announce that we surpassed our goal. We added 629 new members to the NATCA Family! 
We know that NATCA is a strong union. However, this campaign allowed us to increase our membership numbers across all bargaining units, as well as raise the activism of our membership and make us even stronger. In addition, we used this campaign to continue educating those we represent about the value of our contracts and other negotiated agreements, our legislative activity, and our Union’s safety and technology efforts. We wanted potential members and current members to better understand what NATCA is, who NATCA represents, and what we continue to accomplish through our membership.

We encouraged you to come together and contribute your commitment, voices, efforts, and time to our Union, our represented professions, and the National Airspace System (NAS). You shared with potential members that becoming a member was never more important. You showed them a pathway to protection, advocacy, and solid representation for them, their careers, and their families.
Thank you to those who reached out to potential members and explained the value of NATCA. Thank you for all that you continue to do for our Union and thank you for supporting this campaign. We also want to thank National Organizing Committee Chair John Bratcher and the committee members for all of their hard work in making this campaign a success.

We welcome our new members and thank them for joining our Union. We look forward to all of the great things that we will accomplish through our solidarity.

NATCA now represents more than 20,000 bargaining unit employees (BUEs), and has 16, 076 total active members. You are the lifeblood of our Union. The more we grow, the stronger we become. Together, we will continue to defend aviation safety professions and the NAS. Together, we will continue to showcase our strength and our passion in 2020, with more members than ever.
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