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IRS 990 ePostcard and IRS 990 EZ Form

Most locals will need to file a 990 ePostcard (total gross receipts less than $50,000 per year). If you have total gross receipts of $50,000 or more, you will need to file the 990 EZ form.

The below instructions are for the 990 ePostcard, if you have a question about a 990 EZ form, please contact your region’s NFC member or mentee.

Use this link for the ePostcard.

Step 1: If you have a Login Username and Password skip to the step 4. If you do NOT have a Username and Password, select the “Create Account” link, then enter all the required information. Then select the “Send Code” link.

Step 2: Enter the code you received in your email, and select the “Continue” link.

Step 3: You will be brought to the “Create a Username and Password” page.
-Enter a Username and Password.
-Choose a Site Phrase.
-Choose a Site Image.
-Select and Answer 4 Challenge Questions.
-Select “Continue” button.
-Select the next “Continue” button.
-This will bring you back to the original login screen listed above,
if not return to that screen manually.

Step 4: Enter Username
Select “Log In” button.

Step 5: Your Site Image and Site Phrase will appear for security.
Enter your Password.
Select “Submit” button.

Step 6: Your Login History (if you have logged in previously) and a Security Announcement will appear
Select “Continue” button

Step 7: Select “Manage E-Postcard Profile” button on bottom left of the page.

Step 8: Under User Type, select “Exempt Organization”
Select “Continue” button

Step 9: Enter your EIN number, if you do not know your EIN number contact your region’s
NFC member or mentee
Select “Add EIN” button
Your EIN will now be listed under “Currently Associated EIN(s)”

Step 10: Select “Create New Filing” button

Step 11: Select your local’s EIN from the drop down box
Select “Continue” button

Step 12: Enter December 31, 2021 in “For the tax year ending” field
Select “No” for the “Has your organization terminated or gone out of business” question
Select “Yes” for the “Are your gross receipts normally $50,000 or less” question
Select “Continue” button

Step 13: “DBA Name” is Doing Business As. This field is optional, but you can enter NATCA ABC
-“Country” select “US – United States”
-Enter the mailing address the local uses in the next couple of fields
-Under the “Principal Officer” heading, in the “Type of Name” drop down box select “Person”
-“Person Name”, enter the facrep’s name
-“Country” select “US – United States”
-Enter the local’s address in the next few fields
– Select “Submit Filing” button
-If there is any missing information from the previous screens you will be prompted to enterthe missing fields.

Step 14: If the form is correct, you should be taken to a screen that says the form is “Pending”.

Step 15: Select the “Print” link, in the statement, “Print a copy of this filing for your record.” This will
take you to the screen below:

Step 16: Save the above image of the IRS 990 ePostcard.

Step 17: Return to the previous screen, and select the “Manage Form 990-N Submissions” button.

Step 18: This will take you to a screen that looks similar to this:

Step 19: In the action column, you should a message that says “Get Update Status”. Select this
message, and the status should change from “Pending” to “Accepted”. Once, it has changed
to “Accepted” select the 20-digit Submission ID. This will take you to a screen that looks like this:

Step 20: Save a copy of this page to send to the National Office

Step 21: Email a copy of the two saved images (the actual form and the accepted page) to the National Office at financialforms@natcadc.org. Be sure to include your local’s identifier in the subject line, and to CC your region’s NFC member on the email.

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