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Wichita Members Host Solidarity Event

Wichita ATCT (ICT) members hosted a meeting and solidarity event at The Brass Tap Room. Prior to the event, NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert, Central Regional Vice President (RVP) Aaron Merrick, and Alternate RVP Todd Mariani toured the facility and met with members that were not able to attend the event. At the restaurant, Gilbert, Merrick, and Mariani discussed issues affecting the workforce and explained the current executive orders in place and the negative effects they will have on the entire membership. “Many of the members didn’t know about the executive orders or the effects they will have on our union,” said ICT FacRep Scott Muzzy. “As FacReps, we can’t always talk openly about all issues impacting NATCA and its members at the facility. Anytime your facility is having an event offsite, if you can attend, I highly recommend it.”

“It was great visiting our Wichita brothers and sisters and briefing them on issues that are impacting the federal organized workforce,” said Merrick. “Our membership at Wichita now has a better understanding of issues impacting them and what they can do moving forward.”

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