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Wake Turbulence: Dec. 2-8, 2019

John Murdock (PHL) is the Article 114 Rep to the Wake Turbulence Office. His report is below:

On Dec. 17, 2019, Philadelphia ATCT, Atlantic City ATCT, McGuire AFB, and Dover AFB all implemented CWT. Atlantic City ATCT, McGuire, and Dover AFBs were included in the implementation to provide those facilities the benefits of CWT.

In January 2020, Detroit will implement CWT. When completed, there will be no facilities in the NAS operating under FAA JO Order 7110.123 RECAT 2.0. Beginning in February, RECAT 1.5 (FAA JO Order 7110.695) facilities will begin upgrading to CWT. Six RECAT 1.5 sites were selected for 2020: Houston TRACON, Chicago TRACON, Anchorage TRACON, Denver TRACON, Indianapolis TRACON, and New York TRACON. Scheduling will commence later in 2020 to identify the facilities to upgrade in 2021.

Discussions were held about Next Gen’s research on Dynamic Wake Separation (DWS). The concept could allow for up to a half mile reduction of wake turbulence separation on final. Details are not clear on how or if this will actually work. The NAC has some interest in the reductions as it “may” allow an additional one-two arrival increase at some airports. The proposal leverages ATPA to indicate to controllers of the required wake turbulence separation. As designed and deployed, ATPA is not the solution to provide the information to controllers.

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